Good Fortune Match Boxes


Last week I was at CHA and brought along 30 little gifts to give away to friends and strangers. I call these Good fortune Match Boxes! Each one is filled with a happy fortune. It’s inspired by the sometimes lame fortunes that come in fortune cookies that make absolutely no sense! I took matters in my own hands and made my own fortunes! These are a fun giveaway to make for schools, parties, friends, art trades and more. Use your own art on the cover, or your favorite pictures.

IDEA! Say you do this for a birthday party – put the picture of the birthday person on the cover, then inside put a different fact about that person, apiece of trivia. Then the guests open them and read them out loud! How fun is that?


Match boxes – you can get these at the craft store or in the bbq aisle, just empty out the matches into a tin.

Aleene’s Tacky Glue Stick

Assorted papers

Printed fortunes, cut into strips


Cut strips of the decorative paper and glue around each match box. I ended up adding washy tape for extra design. Then simply glue the image on top.

Insert a fortune into each box.


After I finished them, I used Aleene’s Paper Glaze and Tulip Fashion Glitter to give them some magical pop!


Next, I inserted them in cello bags, and I typed up directions of how to make the boxes, and my business card, of course! They were a big hit at the craft convention! It was such a great feeling to watch people open them to see what their fortune would be!


Love & light,

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  1. I LOVE This idea! I’m going to make Valentine message boxes for everyone this year instead of cards!

    Love you, Crafty Chica!

  2. I love this idea, Kathy!! I am going to save it for our summer retreat
    with a group I belong to…..I don’t know if I could ever decorate the boxes as well as you do (I couldn’t) but I could try some paper, glue and glitter…..

    Thank you!!!

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