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25 Things to Dip in Chocolate


Who is in the mood for things to dip in chocolate?

Yesss…It’s always a good time for chocolate dipped treats! Now If you’re like me, this prospect is especially exciting (I am admittedly a chocolate addict…milk and dark…yas) I often joke that I would eat anything dipped in chocolate soooooo, I’ve compiled a list of 25 things you can dip in chocolate, and let me tell you…just because you can, doesn’t always mean you should!

Let us take this journey:

1. Fruit: 

So the obvs choices for a chocolatey dip, are fruits. Apple slices, orange slices or peels, pineapple, bananas, you get it. Pretty much any sweet or tart fruit can be dipped in chocolate and I am definitely all here for that. Strawberries are always a standard classic – but why not add a lil kick? Here is a great idea from Melissa Guerra for TheLatinKitchen.com.  Just please leave the savory fruits at home…well unless we are talking chili peppers. which brings me to item two.

Easy Spicy Chocolate Covered Strawberries by Melissa Guerra for TheLatinKitchen.com
Easy Spicy Chocolate Covered Strawberries by Melissa Guerra for TheLatinKitchen.com


2. Chocolate-covered bananas: 

Yes, we already knew this, but this video serves as a reminder of HOW FUB and tasty these are!

YouTube video


3. Peppermint leaves: I mean, we love the combo of peppermint and chocolate in desserts and sweets right? So it only makes sense that the leaf itself would be delicious as an after dinner dipped treat! Tori Avey whipped up these Chocolate-dipped Mint Leaves!

Chocolate dipped mint leaves by Tori Avey at toriavey.com


4. Crickets: 

Ok, well I’m not so sure about this one. People have compared a chocolate covered cricket to a Crunch bar…….not sure if I’m buying it. You can catch the crickets and make your own!

YouTube video


5. Gingerbread Cookies: 

Um…… I don’t care if it’s an Oreo, an oatmeal or a gluten free-vegan-coconut flower cookie. Or gingerbread cookie in the spring. Dip it in chocolate and it’s a winner.



6. Bacon: 

Don’t you dare lie to me and tell me you have never had a chocolate dipped bacon fantasy….don’t you dare! Who better to show us than Better Homes & Gardens? 

Chocolate dipped bacon by bhg.com



Well perhaps it’s not my ideal dipping item, but we are not judging! 

YouTube video

chocolate covered squid by instructables.com 

8. Donuts: 

Does more need to be said? …Oh wait yes! Here is a Food Network recipe for the perfect chocolate-dippy doughnut.

YouTube video


9. Pie: 

Definitely pie. Yes, a whole slice of lime pie dipped in dark, gooey goodness. Debb Marie shares her methods here.

Chocolate dipped key lime pie on a stick by debbmarie.wordpress.com


10. Cheesecake: 

Because reasons. Check out this mouth-watering photo-heavy post from HugsAndCookiesXoXo.com



11. Cake: 

Because obviously. Check out these chocolate-dipped cake bites from Make It Naked!

Chocolate Cake Bites by Make It Naked
Chocolate Cake Bites by Make It Naked


12. Churros: 

Sometimes I weep great tears of sorrow when I think of people that have never had a real churro. Like, not those bready, dry, straight things they sell at fairs and amusement parks. Pshaw, I’m talking about the curly, super greasy, fried in oil that probably should have been changed 7 hours ago, then served in a paper bag that then turns translucent because of the oil, churros…. THOSE are churros. Dipped in the traditional mayan chocolate dip. Lawd have mercy I need to take a break from this post. Here’s a twist on the classic from Drizzle&Drip.com

Churros with chocolate espresso sauce by DrizzleAndDip.com


13. Almonds: 

Ok now that I have recovered from my food induced panic attack, It’s time to steer this baby in a different direction.  Covering a high protein nut such as an almond, in high quality dark chocolate can be really beneficial as an after workout snack or even as a quick midday pick-me-up. Plus they are just super tasty. 

YouTube video


More things to dip in chocolate!

14. Dried fruit: 

Dried fruit dipped in chocolate is my favorite thing ever I think.  Dried fruit with no added sugars dipped in dark chocolate is tasty and does a body good when enjoyed in moderation (like most things).  Actually, it’s pretty easy!

YouTube video


15.Potato chips: 

Yum… the saltiness of a potato chip contrasted with the smooth sweet flavor of milk chocolate…perfection.  Here’s an easy recipe from amomstake.com


16: Churro Chips:

Ericka from NibblesAndFeasts whipped up a delish Mexican chocolate crema to use for dipping with churro chips! Pretty much all things “churro” will have me kicking my heels and Ericka can really throw down in the kitchen so best believe I will be requesting these. Oh Erickaaaaaaa <3.



17. Dip all the things!

That’s what Nicole Presley did from Presley’s Pantry! She filled Valentine boxes with dipped goodies such as bacon-shaped hearts, nuts and more! when in doubt just dip all the things….even your hands. Just get the chocolate in your mouth! Hah I’m kidding. *I’m not kidding…



18. Gummy Bears: 

As if these aren’t addicting enough, dip your Gummy Bears in chocolate and clear off the rest of the day. TheGunnySack lays it all out for us to follow!

Chocolate-dipped gummy bears by The GunnySack.com


19. Banana Bread Truffles:

Do you just want to fall to your knees and outstretch your hands for one? Yah. Us too. Thank you for the recipe, InquiringChef. #LifeChanger

Chocolate-dipped banana bread truffles by InquiringChef.com.


20. Sweet Potatoes:

The sweet already gives them a headstart. So why not go all the way and dip them in the dark stuff? JellyToastBlog.com makes it look super scrumptious!

Chocolate-dipped sweet potato chips by JellyToastBlog.com


21. Pickles:

Sweet and tangy, and no I’m not pregnant but this will be one of those that you just need to try for yourself to understand! My Name Is Yah serves up dessert pickles two different ways! Enjoy!

Chocolate-covered pickles by MyNameIsYeh.


22. Filet Mignon:

Only the best! Check out this recipe from ThreeJerksJerky.com!

Chocolate-covered filet mignon by ThreeJerksJerky.com.


23. Veggies:

Is this for real?………..well, check out the recipe tutorial at MakeIt-LoveIt.com to find out! I’ll take your word for it.

Chocolate-covered veggies by MakeIt-LoveIt.com


24. Watermelon:

I know we covered fruit, but this needs it’s own spot. Fresh, light and sweet, perfect for a summer treat. From Prevention.com.



25. Cupcakes:

Might as well grand slam this whole thing and immerse an entire cupcake in a warm, silky chocolate bath. Or at least the tall peanut butter frosting! Jenny Meyerson brings it home! I can work with this.

Chocolate-dipped cupcakes by Jenny Meyerson.

What are your favorite things to dip in chocolate?

And there you have it. Whether you are preparing a chocolate feast for your valentine or are just a chocoholic…..no…. a chocolate ENTHUSIAST like myself, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your favorite cocoa byproduct hehe. Looking for a tasty chocolate recipe (that also involves churros so you know I’m all about it) ? Try Crafty Chica’s Nutella Churro Balls (are you seeing my curro trend?) to satisfy your cravings.























25 treats to slather in chocolate!

Until next foodie adventure

Stay snack-y,



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  1. Almost every year my sister and I would make chocolate-dipped PB crackers and also pretzel rods. In the past couple of years we’ve included her boyfriend and a good friend of mine too. Ritz crackers with smooth peanut butter, coated in chocolate, with sprinkles … those are heaven in a few bites! And life would not be the same without chocolate-covered pretzels. They’re one of my faves!


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