Crafty Chica’s Happy List: March 2015!


OK, this is where I share a round of cool finds that I call Crafty Chica’s Happy List! I’m in the creative arts industry, and inspiration comes from everywhere! I love pop culture, shopping, and yummies galore. So here are some recent things that have energized my spirit, given me inspiration, and made me feel HAPPY!

1. Fit Flop sandals.

They had me at Cha-Cha. These are the Raspberry ChaCha Fit Flops. Yes, I own a pair, I couldn’t resist!


Yes, I know Fit Flop sandals are nothing new, but I still buy and wear them faithfully. The company is consistently coming up with super cute styles (CHA CHA FIT FLOPS!), which makes them even more fun! I swear by Fit Flops for all my travels and sightseeing, conferences, etc. They offer great support and I even bought cute closed-toe versions for winter! I now have about six pairs in all kinds of bright colors and styles. My family even teases me because I’m always checking the site for sales.


2. Mary Mary – Go Get It

This is an EXCELLENT empowerment anthem. Put it on your playlist and every time you feel challenged, crank this baby up and own it! Watch this video and you will be nod hard, wipe a tear from your eye, and holler out, “PREACH!” And it has a great groove too. And you can dance to it while wearing the Cha Cha Fit Flops!


3. Volcano Stones Hawaiian Cat Eye Crystal-embellished Reader Glasses

crystal-cat-eye glasses

I bought these reader glasses earlier this year from an Etsy seller, MyPreeBling, and boy did they deliver the ooohs and ahhhs. I meant to wear them to the craft convention, they didn’t arrive in time and now I found out I need a stronger strength, so I’ll end up selling or gifting these. Yah, sad face. They are soo pretty because the expensive crystals change color depending on the way they are angled. They are a little on the Dame Edna side, but absolutely perfect if you attend art openings or any kind of flashy events. They are made to order, so allow the seller a good three-to-four weeks to deliver. $40, and there are lots of styles to choose from! 


4. King of POP Popcorn


The most glorious package arrived last month – a huge box of popcorn samples from The King of Pop! They have the craziest flavor combos I’ve ever seen for popcorn – check out this one: Dinner for Two:  Turkey • Stuffing • Gravy • Mashed Potatoes • Herb Roasted Vegetable • Pumpkin Pie • Apple Pie • Cranberry Sauce • Strawberry Cheesecake. We tried the Chocolate Sampler that included: Cookies & Cream, Coffee Berry, Peanut Butter Cup, Island Coconut, Salted Chocolate Caramel, Banana Cream Pie, Dark Chocolate Chile, Strawberry Cheesecake and Funky Monkey. It would be tasty for a party to put them out in little bowls all around the area and people have to guess the flavor. Each sampler box runs about $35.


5. MOVIES to Rent: McFarland USA, The Rewrite, and Beyond the Lights

I just saw this one by myself last week when I was in Fresno. I was REALLY hesitant. I love Latino-themed movies and always support them, that was the sole purpose of spending my money on this film. Really though, I rolled my eyes at the idea of yet another film about poor, struggling Latinos. As a third-generation Mexican-American, I wait for the day to see dramas and comedies about all-American chicas in love, in college, in the boardroom and so on. That’s another post for another day. So there I was in the theatre, munching on my popcorn – and wow, this movie floored me. Sooo inspirational! McFarland USA bursts with love, humor, and a great message.  It’s a great film for EVERYONE to experience!

The Rewrite is a Hugh Grant movie where he plays the usual snarky, uncaring, spoiled single guy who is schooled by those he thinks are beneath him. I’m a sucker for that formula, and this one, especially, because it centers on screenwriting. I dig all the industry behind-the-scenes comedy. It’s a sweet little film to watch while your crocheting or crafting.

And this one is my fave – Beyond the Lights! Written and directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood (Love and Basketball), it’s about a talented singer who is trapped in the pop star machine of people in suits telling her what to do, who to date, and how to sing and pose. She reaches a breaking point that not only crashes her world, but everyone else’s.  It’s a heart-wrenching love story that doubles as an empowerment boost.


6. Rocksbox and Zulily

rocksbox sent me a three-month invite to try out their jewelry-lending program. You take a quiz on their site where you select your favorite jewelry pieces. It’s like creating a wish list, then you have no idea what will come in your mail. Some magical wizard there chooses a set inspired by your choices. It’s pretty cool. Here are my pieces! And they are offering my blog readers a FREE trial month, just use the code craftychicaxoxo in the promo code area. I’m excited to try out the service for all of speaking engagements I have coming up!

Speaking of that – I’ve also been shopping for clothes.

My problem is with being plus-size and being in the arts industry, it’s really hard to find tops and dresses with personality. I don’t want jump suits or pin up girl dresses. I don’t want sequin tank tops or frumpy tunics. I don’t want to spend $80 on a blouse. Then I came across Zulily’s plus-size section! The site has what seems like a never-ending list of affordable plus-size shops. I was really hesitant at first, thinking they would be cheap or too small/too big, etc. Here’s a top I just bought tonight! This will be perfect for me to wear when I teach my ceramics class in North Carolina next month!

Here are my tips for shopping with Zulily: The packages don’t come right away. You pay and then the order goes to the respective shops and it’s up to them to send out to you. So if you order several items from different shops within Zulily, you’ll get different boxes arriving at different times. Also, if you become a regular customer, you’ll get discounts for free shipping. My last tip is that the shops change every day, so if you see something you like, buy it because chances are it will be gone the next day. So bottom line – don’t shop until you have moola in the bank!


Well, hope you liked my happy list! What is on your happy list? Leave it in the comments!

Love & light,

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  1. Love your list Kathy! I went straight to Zulily and picked up some CUTE plus-size stuff! 🙂

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