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Last weekend I took a much needed break away from the computer to MAKE STUFF! It used to be that I insisted on having a new blog post each day, but these days, I have to have a balance of art and writing. I started last Friday, fired up Grace and Frankie  (loved it!) on Netflix and painted my guts out. This group of items I just posted on Etsty is the result. And yes, I burnt out my elbow for a couple days, but it was worth it!

Here is a link to our store!

Wanna see something crazy? I posted a picture of my butter dishes on Instagram and look how many likes they got! and then on Facebook it received more than 463 likes. Who knew? BUTTER DISHES! Butter dishes are thing, I tell you! And it all started because an employee from Marjon gave me one to test out to see if it shivered after firing (paint flakes off). It didn’t shiver, and I found a new favorite piece to paint!

crafty-chica-butter dish

Here are some others I listed!

crafty-chica-ceramics5 crafty-chica-ceramics17 crafty-chica-ceramics23 crafty-chica-ceramics39 crafty-chica-ceramics43 crafty-chica-ceramics49 crafty-chica-ceramics59


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  1. Maybe you can try a salt and pepper and a sugar bowl that coordinate with your butter dish….it would be a great base to use with some solid/colorful dishes.

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