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New Crafty Chica handmade + Amor Collective!

Check out my new Crafty Chica handmade items at Amor Collective!

Amor Collective is located at  9780 W Northern Ave Suite 1220, Peoria, AZ 85345. business hours are 11-7, seven days a week.

We recently relocated to a new suite at Park West, five doors down from the previous location. If you visit, it is right next to See’s Candies. 

The move involved tearing down EVERYTHING in the old space and moving it to the new space. Overall, it worked out! The new space is so pretty, a bit wider and just has a whole new vibe!

Here are pictures from my little area!

Crafty Chica handmade items

I have a small batch of earrings. You can also buy earrings in my online shop here.


Crafty Chica handmade items

Ceramic bracelets. I didn’t make these, but I wish I had! I bought them to sell in my space because they really fit with my vibe.


Crafty Chica handmade items

Here’s an overview of the space. You can’t see everything, there’s a lot of stock!


Crafty Chica handmade items

Stickers for DAYS! I’m currently designing a new collection. In the meantime, you can buy my current collection here on my site.


Crafty Chica handmade items

New mugs! I also have some in stock online here.


Crafty Chica handmade items

These are new mugs. I designed the actual mug as part of my blank ceramic line, and then I used a variety of glazes to bring it to life.


Spring is here, which means picnics which means TOTE BAGS! Check out the new totes I just uploaded in my Crafty Chica shop!


More prints, hats and mugs.




Crafty Chica books!


These block prints are always a hit. I also sell them in my online shop.


This is a peek inside Amor Collective. It’s so cozy and artful. I’m so proud to be a part of it!


This is the entrance, so much to take in!

crafty chica handmade

Thanks for checking out my post about the new Crafty Chica handmade items at Amor Collective!

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