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Distressed + Gilded Floor


We recently transformed one of our bedrooms into our official video and photography studio for our business. We kept the walls gallery white, but I knew wanted something fun for the floor. And this is the result! This project is an etched floor tutorial, but I’ve come to affectionately call it a “Distressed + Gilded Floor DIY!”  Here is my video tutorial!

YouTube video

Armed with a $300 gift card (which is how much this project cost to complete) provided by Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores, I researched how to etch and stain a concrete floor. We had just finished clearing everything out of DeAngelo’s former bedroom to convert it into our video and photography room.


After the success of my glittered floor tutorial a few years back, I felt confident to knock another floor project out of the park! My goal was to achieve a terra cotta-inspired look, kinda like this…but with gold flecks…


I went to Lowe’s and here are the supplies they helped me choose for this project:

TSP Heavy Duty Cleaner

Broomstick and deck brush

Paint roller set

Valspar Etching Concrete Stain

Valspar Clear Gloss Garage Floor Sealer

Mask, gloves, goggles

Then I purchased:

a large stencil

Gold Spray Paint

Paper and masking tape


First thing – mop and sweep the floor. Use a razor blade to remove any glue residue from the carpet, any paint splotches, anything that you don’t want to show on the floor. This was an error I made. I didn’t do any scraping and once you add the stain, all those blemishes are enhanced! ACK! So if you want a clean, uniform look, make sure to scrape or even use a grinder or polisher to get the surface as clean as possible.

As for me, this is where the “distressed” angle come about, I embraced the imperfections!

TIP: Open the windows to air out the area, this process has strong fumes – make sure to wear a mask and goggles!

1. Mix the TSP according to the package directions. Use the deck brush to apply and scrub the heck out of the floor, make sure to wear gloves and google and a mask. Let the fllor dry completely.


2. Wearing the protective gear, and following the manufacturer directions, apply a coat of the etching stain to the floor. Let dry and add a second coat. It all depends on how dark you want the floor.

3. When it dries, the floor will have a haze of dust on it from the chemicals. Wash and mop the floor thoroughly with the deck brush again until the floor is clean and smooth.

Use a stencil and gold spray paint to add a bright touch to your floor, by CraftyChica.com.

OPTIONAL: Tape paper around the large stencil and spray with the spray paint, let dry. Add more motifs in a balanced random fashion, let dry.


4. Now to seal- follow the directions on the package and mix the garage floor clear coating. Let it stand for 15 minutes, and then wearing the protective gear, brush it on around the borders, then apply section by section until the entire floor is covered. We first applied it in large squares in a vertical pattern, then went on to another square, then went back and applied a second coat in a horizontal direction on the first square. This will give it a nice coat!

I think I’ll end up adding another coat of clear to make it even more glossy!

Finished distressed stenciled floor

What do you think? I think it fits perfectly with the artful vibe our our new photo studio. It’s bright and cool, and we can also use the floor as another background to take photos. It’s a win-win all the way around!

Check out my video tutorial! Please give it a thumb’s up if you like it!

YouTube video

Thank you so much to Lowe’s!

Thanks for checking out my project! If you like this, you can get more inspiration and follow Lowe’s on FacebookInstagramPinterest and sign up for the Creative Ideas magazine and app!

Also – I suggest following them on the Vine app, they have brilliant six-second DIY videos – you can see them on the Lowe’s Tumblr!



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  1. Love the look of the floor! What a great idea; I am hoping I will have an opportunity to use your tutorial/idea. Thanks for all the great ideas…:)


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