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10 Ways to Eat a Fruttare Bar

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Fruttare Bars and Latina Bloggers Connect. All opinions, experiences and delight in these fruit bars are 100% my own!

Here in Phoenix it has been averaging anywhere from 112-116 degrees. It’s a flippin’ kiln outside! So even though all the retail stores are pushing pumpkin and fall decor, in my town, it is still hardcore summer. We welcome all and creative cool-down methods available, including eating lots of frozen treats! That’s one of the reasons I happily joined in on this campaign…

I’m going to share the 10 ways I’ve been incorporating Fruttare Bars in my meal plans, hopefully it will give you inspiration!

About Fruttare Bars – they come in a variety of flavors and are from real fruit, that’s what makes them so refreshing!

Fruttare® Strawberry & Milk

Fruttare® Coconut & Milk

Fruttare® Banana & Milk

Fruttare® Mixed Berry & Milk

Fruttare® Mango

Fruttare® Strawberry

Fruttare® Lime

Fruttare® Black Cherry


fruttare web

You can scroll through the section about the fruits to see where they come from – for example, the strawberries used in the Fruttare bars come from Southern California, and the black cherries from Oregon, bananas from Ecuador and so on.  I love the all-natural vibe of fresh fruit as a frozen bar – perfect for an Arizona summer.


OK, here are my 10 ideas!


1. Make a popsicle salad!: Dice up a bunch of bars and put them together in a bowl and serve (quickly). Or you can just take what you want for one serving and cover the rest and pop them back in the freezer.


2. Put them in an ice cream cone: Cut them up and smash with a fork, then use an ice cream scooper to make a ball.

3. Add toppings. Let them soften a tiny bit, then top them with chopped nuts, crushed cookies or coconut.


4. Give them a Mexi-makeover. Squeeze lime on them, then sprinkle with chile fruit seasoning. Yowza!

5. Fruttare Bar mash up! Pull out your popsicle tray. Cut up the bars in chunks and flill the tray, insert the stick in there. Put them back in the freezer until they all freeze together.


6. Mini-slushies. Scrape them off the stick and into a blender to make a slushie.

7. Beverage enhancers. Cut up and use them in ice cube trays to use to add a kick to your cold beverages.


8. Cocktail kickers. For those 21 and older! You can dip them in rum punch or a strawberry margarita.

9. Ice Cream partner. Serve on the side of a a dish of vanilla ice cream and a sprig of fresh mint!

10. As is. Who needs to do anything to them? Just remove the wrapper and enjoy!


To learn more about Fruttare Bars, check out the web site. You can type in your zip code and it will pull up store locations that carry the line. Real talk here, this is the reason why I love doing sponsored posts because they force me to try something new that I maybe would have overlooked! These bars have given me new life in the dessert department of my weight loss journey!

Thank you, Fruttare!

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This is a sponsored campaign with Fruttare® and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

This is a sponsored campaign with Fruttare® and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.


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