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5 Cover Songs for Selena’s Birthday

Here are five Selena cover songs in honor of her birthday weekend! Happy Birthday Selena!

Selena Quintanilla was a shining force in the Tejano music scene. With a musician father as her manager and bandmate siblings, she captivated audiences across the world with her powerful-yet-velvety vocals, sparkling charm and glamorous style. Who can forget her washing machine dance moves, that ginormous laugh and the ability to make us cry and dance all within one song? Selena had such a special gift which is why all our hearts shattered in disbelief and grief when she unnecessarily passed away at 23 in 1995.

She would have been a very young 45 tomorrow, April 16. We miss her so much, which is why we will always celebrate her memory and talent. She lives forever in our hearts! Check out this video. That smile, that energy! It’s easy to see why she was so loved!


Selena’s legacy continues to strongly influence so many people to this day. Her music has surpassed anyone’s expectation. It undoubtedly still lives on as so many young artists pay tribute to the amazing Selena. I wanted to find some amazing and fun covers of Selena’s music in honor of her birthday this weekend.

Each one of these artists brings their own different spin to the amazing Selena classics. Hope you enjoy!

Mackenzie Johnson- Como La Flor

Mackenzie Johnson is a 23 year-old singer-songwriter from Philadelphia. Mackenzie does covers and original songs on YouTube, and she has over 360,000 subscribers. Video link.

YouTube video


Megan Nicole- Selena Tribute

Megan Nicole is a singer/songwriter and musician from Katy, Texas. Megan does covers and original songs on YouTube, and she has over 3,500,000 subscribers. She recently embarked on a US tour. Video. 

YouTube video

LaRyss– I Could Fall In Love

LaRyss is singer/songwriter from Los Angeles and describes herself as the fresh face of positive pop R&B. She’s aiming to engage audiences of all ages with her brand of energetic, uplifting music. Video.


Lexi Dávila– Dreaming of You

This cover comes from last year’s season of The Voice. Small-town girl Lexi Dávila had two coaches fighting for her after her blind-audition take on “Dreaming of You.” The full studio version is even more amazing! Video.


Full studio version.


Mary Miranda– Como La Flor

This cover also comes from last year’s season of The Voice. Mary Miranda had three coaches fighting for her after her blind-audition of “Como La Flor” The full studio version is also as great! Video.

YouTube video

Full studio version.

YouTube video

Did these covers get you in the celebration mood or what? They made me instantly turn on Selena in my Spotify and all the memories growing up came back. Selena continues to have an influence in pop culture to this day with the release of her Mac cosmetic collection due out later this year. Also, there is the annual Fiesta de la Flor Music Festival that celebrates the life & legacy of Selena in Corpus Christi from May 6-7. This shows the impact that Selena has and there isn’t anything stopping her legacy!

Wait, how about one more? Here’s a cover of Si Una Vez one by Cáthia!

YouTube video

And here is Girl in a Coma’s version:

YouTube video

And this version of Como La Flor by Jackie Cruz of Orange is the New Black!

YouTube video


See you next month!



Will Medina is a Phoenix resident with a passion for new and meaningful music. He always keeps up to date with current music and has been known to bust a move to some Top 40 hits from time to time.

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