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Make A Faux Fur Skull Pillow


I came across a super cute faux fur skull pillow at the store recently and at $50, I knew I could make my own version on the cheap. I had a pillow form and my Crafty Chica Sizzix die, all I needed was the fur, which I picked up at the craft store!

Here is the link to my video tutorial for this foam skull pillow!

Faux Fur Skull Pillow by Crafty Chica

How many times have you done something like this – you see something at the store and once you deconstruct it, you realize you might just have all the supplies in your craft room to make it! What I like is that this has my own twist because it uses my dies.

Here’s a picture of the original pillow that served as my inspiration.  The fabric for this was not applique, or at least I don’t think it was. And the skulls were much bigger. I wanted to give it more of a personal touch, I wish I had used different colors of fur, but that just means I’ll have to make another one! Wouldn’t it look cool in neon fur or animal print? I added tassels to the corners but decided I didn’t like them, so I removed them.



1 14×14 pillow form

1/2 yard of white faux fur fabric

1/4 yard of black faux fur fabric

Skull template – you can use my Day of The Dead Sugar Skull Book Die or draw your own

Needle and thread

Sewing machine



Cut the white fur to make two 16×16″ squares, set aside.

Cut the black fur to cover the skull template, set the piece back side facing the blade and run it through the Big Shot machine 4 times. Remove and pop out all the pieces. Cut three of these skulls, then hand pin to one piece of the fur. Hand stitch in place. Place both fur pieces front sides together and pin around three edges. Turn right sides out and shake the pillow vigorously to remove stray fur. Insert pillow, pin the edges shut (turn edges in), then hand stitch shut.

Faux Fur Skull Pillow by Crafty Chica

YouTube video

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