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Chica Power Heart Garland


I recently pared down my paper collection, but not before I made this Chica Power Heart Garland. I did something different and made a collage sheet with some of my illustrations. They I used those for each of the hearts in the garland.

I cut a bunch of pieces with the die using different papers. You get three cuts from each heart, the outside, the center heart and a little ring. This is such a fun way to use up paper scraps and you can give them away or make garland like I did.

Here’s the die (and the link)!

I wish I had a better tutorial! To get the outer heart to fold over, I folded a piece of paper and placed the fold just above the die, then I ran it through the machine. It stays connected at the top so you can make it an ornament by gluing string between the two layers.

I added a heart in the center and glued the edges shut. Then I cut out and used my heart images. I have the digital download here!

I loved mixing and matching all the different patterns for lots of contrast! Thanks for checking out my post!

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