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Torched Wood Wine Charms

How to make torched wood wine charms!

It’s time for another flaming project of love! I’m talking torches! My job as a Bernzomatic Torch Bearer is to bring you a new DIY idea each month that is trimmed with a little bit of fuel and fire. Since it’s the season of gatherings and parties, I thought these wine charms would be perfect. not only are they cute and functional, but I bet a million sequins, your guests will strike up a conversation about them!

You can buy small wood letters at any craft store, and the Bernzomatic torch (I used the Bernzomatic Trigger Start 3 in 1 Micro Torch ST2200), you can find at most hardware stores.


This torch is pretty cool because it also works as a mini heat gun, or you can add the attachment and it becomes a soldering iron. I love tools that have multiple uses!

Okay on to the project!


Bernzomatic Trigger Start 3 in 1 Micro Torch ST2200

Gloves and goggles

Heat resistant surface

Small wood letters

Permanent markers

Handheld rotary drill

Wine charm rings

Jump rings

How to make it

Put on the gloves and goggles. Place the letters on the heat-resistant surface.

Follow the package directions to turn on the torch. Set it at a low flame. Carefully glide it over the edges of the letters, keeping the torch about 4-6” away from the letters. You just want to brown them, leave open wood space so the marker will show through.

After you’re done, lift your finger from the trigger and the flame will turn off. Set the torch aside and wait until the letters are cool.

Use markers to color them. You can actually color them before you torch, or after!

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I added a coat of clear varnish to make the colors shine even brighter. 

Drill a hole at the top of each one and add a jump ring using needle nose pliers.

Connect the wine charm hook.

You are ready to go! Imagine how sweet these will look as a whole set, in a bowl or laid out on a tabletop so guests can choose their letter. Most letter sets also have hashtags, hearts, etc so you can make extra.

Torch Bearer Logo

From the Bernzomatic site:

“Find Your Fire. There’s a fire in each of us. Waiting to ignite. We believe in carrying the torch ignited by our founder in 1876—whose quality craftsmanship and progressive mindset are what blazed the trail that got us here today. We believe in awakening the innovators in all of us—inspiring a culture of creators who can break boundaries, mark new territory and go where no flame has burned before. We believe in empowering those who’ve found their flame and dare to follow it. Because the ones who do are the catalysts of bold transformations that redefine the limits of what we can achieve.   We believe in our fire and in your fire. It’s time to ignite.”

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24 thoughts on “Torched Wood Wine Charms”

  1. Multi use tools are always a fave for me. I would make a wood sign for my house and use the torch to give it that burn look in the letters

  2. First of all ,you are my Crafty Chica Idol! ???? I love all your craft ideas. I would love to try a new tool???? I would like to make my teacher colleagues classroom key rings!

  3. Eeek! I have a ton of ideas with wood and frames etc I’m housing until I figure out what to do with them and have some jewelry waiting to be made too… I’m on a mission to spend less money on supplies until I make a dent in all the found and hoarded items I have laying around ???? ????

  4. OH…The possibilities!
    I’ve recently started using tools from my grandfather’s wood shop….it would be great to distress my wood projects!

  5. Wow! Could I use this!! My soldering tool is broken, I lost my mini torch (I suspect my 34 year old daughter), and matches are just not cutting it! I like to make the melted metal stamped pieces you had a tutorial on. And I make Viking gazing chairs that I burn Celtic designs into. And oh so much more! Help a fellow crafty Chica out!????

  6. Well since I follow you, the crafting possibilities are endless!!! It would completely open my internal creative fire and it would arise to a new crafting level. I can see it now… my fiancé would be terrified but at least he’d leave me alone in my craft room ???? The first project that I would do is revamp our outdoor chairs. I would also love to do some wood projects. My dad has so many scraps of wood lying around. Seriously, the possibilities are endless! Mind blown just thinking about it! ????

  7. I’m making little shrines in unfinished wood boxes, and the torch would give a lovely look!
    Is it true that heat helps get bubbles out of resin? I love the glittered resin projects, too.

  8. I have read your posts over the last few years & have drooled over the projects. I have not been able to buy one of these for ME — but would so love to own a Bernzomatic torch! I love all your posts & am inspired to try new tools and skills.

  9. I would use the touch for Acrylic Pouring pictures, soldering charms, etc I had a mini touch but my husband consecrated it and haven’t seen it since!

  10. Great post! And thank you for the giveaway!! I’m interested in learning to make jewelry from precious metal clay. A mini torch would allow me to try this media and decide later whether or not I want to invest in the special (read “expensive”) kiln.

  11. If I had a torch, I would make awesome DIY projects likes yours and others ones I have been dying to try. And for once, I know it my husband would be asking me to borrow “my” tool instead of the other way around.

  12. I would love to win the Bernzomatic. I’m still not sure how I’d use it but I know I will find a use for it somewhere! Good luck to all the others who have commented.

  13. These torched wood wine charms are soo cool! I definitely “wood” use my newly won Bernzomatic to make these as a stocking stuffer. Other uses I’d try, basically any craft involving vinyl records, glitter, wood, metal, etc. Just anything! Could it be used to burn meringue on top of lemon meringue pie? Good luck everyone! Thanks Crafty Chica for the chance to win such an awesome tool!


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