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10 easy Mexican cookie recipes

Here are 10 easy Mexican cookie recipes for you to try!
You can go for one batch, or work your way through the list. These are recipes I’ve used on the regular and you can’t go wrong.
I know some of the bakers on this list, and they know their way around a Mexican cookie recipe.
You are in good hands!
I found these treats from around the web, here are the links to recipes below – actually you can make them all year round, right?

Traditional Mexican Wedding Cookies

These are soo classy and tasty. They are not that difficult to bake and are always a treat. I recently subbed out the vanilla for maple syrup and they were even better!

YouTube video


Mexican Chocolate Chip Truffles

By LoveAndOliveOil.com – OMG. I want to grab one right out of the photo and bite into it. These are small but mighty!

Polvorones rosas

ChicanoEats delivers perfection with every recipe, and these Mexican pink sugar cookies are proof. Known as Polvorones, they are soft as a cloud and delectable.

polvorones rosas
Polvorones rosas by ChicanoEats.com


Mexican Chocolate Haystack Cookies 

By MuyBuenoCookbook – These are little bites of Mexican chocolate heaven. Check out her website, you will be so inspired to cook in such an artful way!

By MuyBuenoCookbook


Mexican Dress Cookies!

Aren’t these the cutest? They are from SweetSugarBelle.com, and I can’t imagine eating them. They are too pretty. But if you are game, she has a tutorial for you to follow.

Mexican dress cookies
Mexican dress cookies by SweetSugarBelle.com


Mexican Mocha Crinkle Cookies! 

MyCookieJourney.com sure lived up to their name with these beautiful sweets.

Mexican crinkle cookies
Mexican Mocha Crinkle Cookies by MyCookieJourney.com

Espejo Mexican Cookies

By MamaLatinaTips, these “mirror” cookies not only look clean and classic, they taste delightful as well.




My friend Nicole is a creative genius – I love her Mexi twist on this American classic. You gotta try it!

Mexi S’mores by PresleysPantry.com


Mexican Sprinkle Cookies

Perfect for parties or Friday nights. This recipes is a keeper for generations. Brough to you by MaricruzAvalos.com


Hojarascas cookies

These are Mexican shortbread cookies with cinnamon and they are addicting! Buttery and smooth, perfect to dip in some cafecito. This recipe is by LoveAndTacos.com!

Hojarascas cookies by LoveAndTacos.com


My girl, Vianney, DELIVERS!

My girl, Vianney, DELIVERS! It’s like she spoke to my soul – dulce de leche and chocolate chips? I’m so excited to try this recipe! It sounds divine!



Dulce de Leche Chocolate Chip cookies by SweetBakeLife.com

¡Viva México! Soccer Cookies

Okay, it’s my turn to show up. I made these to support Mexico during the world Cup, but well, maybe they will come in handy next time!

By CraftyChica.com
Well that is the end of the tour of 10 Easy Mexican cookie recipes! I hope you found a recipe you want to make!

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  1. I wish I could find the recipe for the pink cookies. Maybe a mexican sugar cookie? They also come in cream/ white and a brown color but the pink are my fave.


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