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Why I switched to a hybrid mattress

hybrid mattress

Serta sent me a hybrid mattress and I’m here to tell you all about it! I have a lot to say. 

I’ve heard about hybrid mattresses – or mattress-in-a-box – but I felt perfectly fine with my old school-supported-by-a-box-spring situation. So when Serta reached out to me to try their 10″ Full Hybrid Mattress I happily agreed. Not gonna lie, I feel a tiny bit worried because my my back pain tends to flare up every so often. Our beds are are sanctuary, even when we are in perfect  health.

But I’m always preaching to try new things, so here we are. My plan was to keep my old mattress and box spring just in case I didn’t like the hybrid. After the first night’s sleep, both went out for bulk trash. I’m talking gamechanger!

We went to Lowe’s to pick up the mattress and that alone was wild to see a queen mattress stuffed in a box. Patrick and the Lowe’s attendant hoisted it in the truck and off we went.

After I painted and set up my bed (out of excitement for this Serta mattress!), we opened the box!

Serta mattress

Unpack, unroll, unwind!

Check out my video – it’s fun to watch. The mattress starts out flat and then once the plastic is cut and air is introduced, the mattress quickly expends. It took about an hour for it to reach 10-inches. I let it set for another couple hours before adding the sheets.

Serta was also kind enough to send me a Bundle package!

Serta bundle

It came with a mattress protector, a sheet set and two pillows. 

serta pillows

As far as the mattress – it is comprised of both gel memory foam and coils, it comes with a 10-year warranty and fits most queen bed frames and platform beds.

serta hybrid mattress

My burning question – did I still need a box spring? I worried about how much support it would have without. 

The answer – no! In fact with the box spring the bed would be too high and the mattress would likely slide off. My new Serta mattress fits snugly into the frame grooves of my new bed, no worries at all. 

I seriously felt like crying when I climbed in, it felt so good. It definitely offers full body support. It felt like my body was being cradled, the only down side is I absolutely do not want to get out of bed in the morning. Between this mattress and my weighted blanket, I’m in sleepy time bliss!

We picked up this mattress from Lowe’s but you can order one and have it shipped to your home. I’m really happy I had this experience with Serta for this campaign, I’m not sure I would have ever tried a hybrid mattress.

This is why it’s good to try new things!


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