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6 Valentine party foods – sweet & salty snacks!

Here are at least six Valentine party foods for you to try – or ask for – and they all are yummy sweet and salty snacks! And this is one of those “crafty” style of recipes where it feels like you are making art, but it is also edible! Here is a video I made showing Valentine party foods!

YouTube video

I love sweet and salty combos. When I was pregnant with DeAngelo, the only ting that would cure my morning sickness was a bowl of Jell-o with a layer of popcorn on top. Who knew it was a thing back then?

Let’s discuss sweet and salty


Shouldn’t Valentine’s Day be all about the sweet? These are modern times, mi gente, and we are all way more transparent about our lives. Truth is love and relationships in general have the salty as well as the sugar highs. 

The combo makes for a memorable emotional rollercoaster. So our Valentine party foods should follow suit. 

valentine party foods and sweet and salty snacks

But did you know that there are actually a few benefits to enjoying sweet and salty snacks?

The combination can help to boost your energy levels. The salt helps to regulate blood sugar, while the sweetness gives you a little jolt of energy.

This combo can also help to curb your appetite. The salt helps to reduce cravings, while the sweetness satisfies your sweet tooth.

These little treats come in handy, just one will do a body good!

Gather the goods


sweet and salty snacks
Sweet and salty snacks


You are going to need:

Saltine crackers

Ritz crackers

Butter cookies

Potato chips

Preztel chips

Candy melter or microwave

Candy melts: White, red, pink

candy sprinkles

Valentine sprinkles

Hershey kisses and other small chocolates

Cookie icing tubes

Cupid’s Mix M&Ms

Crushed nuts

Edible glitter

Wax paper

Plastic gloves

Valentine party foods - sweet and salty snacks
Saltine crackers, candy melts, and M&M’s. We are ready!

Warm up the candy melts

If you have a microwave, pour the bag of candy melts in a microwave-safe bowl and place in microwave. Heat on high for 15 seconds, stir and repeat until melted. 

Using a candy melt warmer? Pour the candy melts in the basket and plug in the warmer. Set on high to melt, and then switch to low to keep them melted while you create. Here is a video about how to use a candy melter!

YouTube video

The candy melts should be smooth and creamy. Thin enough to drizzle over your foods or for dipping. Use caution because once it is melted, it is very hot and will burn.

valentine party foods and sweet and salty snacks
Potato chips and crackers dipped in white chocolate.


I only have one candy melter (I don’t use a microwave) so I started with white candies, then added pink, and ultimately red. That way I had a range to work with and didn’t have to keep emptying my basket.

CLEAN UP: Let cool completely and then simply pop out the leftovers. I don’t recommend reusing the candy melts, therefore, while they are warmed up, look around your house for other things to dip! Make it a party before the party!

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Set up a work area for your Valentine party foods

Make sure it is free of clutter. Work on a clean tray, wear gloves, and have a paper towel close by for clean up.

Set out all of your ingredients so they are easy to reach.

Valentine party foods - sweet and salty snacks

I started with a butter cookie, we had a tin leftover from the holidays! to warm up, go easy – the cookie icing tube is a winner! Simply drizzle it on top and then add sprinkles, and add a focal point sweet. This one is all sweet – not salty, but you could add crushed potato chips on top if you wanted.

Valentine party foods - sweet and salty snacks

Okay, not that the first one is out of the way – let’s go harder. Bring on the cracker!

Always add either melted candy or cookie icing, it will act like a glue so your items won’t fall apart. On this one, I started with a Townhouse cracker, added pink melting chocolate, a piece of a Hersey bar, drizzled icing and added edible glitter and sprinkles.

Place on a wax paper-lined plate or board.

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Valentine party foods - sweet and salty snacks

Is it too much?

The idea is to eat one two. It’s like a mighty mini-dessert. Each one is little mixed media art piece – perfect for your display of Valentine party foods!

Another tip: Keep in mind people will be eating these, so avoid any sprinkles that are too hard on the teeth. 


valentine party foods sweet and salty snacks

6 Valentine party foods

Okay, here is where I’ll break it all down for you!

chocolate dipped crackers
Chocolate-dipped crackers.
  1. Ritz or Townhouse crackers, Hersey bar piece, drizzled with cookie icing.
  2. Potato chips dipped in melted candy, sprinkled with edible glitter.
  3. Melted candy spread across a saltine cracker, topped with crushed salted pecans.
  4. Frosted butter cookie topped with melted candy, topped with crushed potato chips or crushed pretzel pieces.
  5. Chocolate candy from a Valentine candy box, topped with candy melt, with M&Ms on top.
  6. Saltine cracker dipped in melted candy, topped with sprinkles and a Hershey kiss. 

Here is a TikTok I made showing the glittered potato chips!

@craftychica Candy-dipped potato chips! Don’t forget the edible glitter! Sweet and salty and just perfect! #sweetandsalty #valentinesnack #chocolatepotatochip ♬ smiles & sunsets – ultmt.

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