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Storytelling Stamping

Storytelling stamping is a process I created for Canal Convergence

I carved 65 stamps from rectangular erasers, each with a different motifs. Then I wrote a list of what easch one meant to me.

At the event, guests were invited to use the stamps to create a layout  – and then they brought me their card and I told them the story of their card.

It’s a collaborative session!

If you participated but were unable to connect with me personally to read your story, here is the list of stamps and meanings!

The layout

The bottom of your card represents your foundation, the basis of how you function through life.

The middle of your card represents your day-to-day thoughts and actions.

The top of your card represents your higher self and your intuition that guides you.

The sides represents what you surround yourself with.

The stamps

     1. Three stars: Accomplishments.

  1. Butterfly – emergence, spreading wings far, outstretched.
  1. Single teardrop. Time served, emotional event, silent suffering.
  1. Water droplets. Quenching of thirst, being watered.
  1. Half sun rays. Rising to bring light and warmth.
  1. Raincloud. Rain in action, purification, butthe skies will clear. 
  1. Three clouds. Overcast, melancholy.
  1. Star. Empowerment, guided by spirit, north star.
  1. Diagonal grid. Grid, locked in,
  1. Fluid energy, in sync, in rhythm.
  1. Waves. Ups and downs, but always consistent.
  1. Exclamation point. Power, bold, to the point.
  1. Sacred Heart – flame of hope.
  1. Sacred heart. Eternal love.
  1. Open Heart. Open to receive. Empathetic.
  1. Skinny heart. Inner self love, outer ring – love for the outside world.
  1. Sacred heart. Self love. 
  1. Little hearts. Love from ancestors, those who passed on.
  1. Four hearts. Love from ancestors.
  1. Little hearts. Love from ancestors.
  1. Angel wings. Guardian angel. One wing, you know they are there, two wings, you are well connected.
  1. Diamond. You strive for the best, excellence.
  1. Energy blooming. You are finding your way, you were closed up but now opening.
  1. Pencil. Documentation, making your mark on the world,
  1. Mountains. Challenges.
  1. Coffee cup. Sip and savor.
  1. House. Comfort, coziness.
  1. Boot. Standing tall, ready to walk forward.
  1. Half skull. Life and death. Recognizing life is limited.
  1. Plus signs. Noticing the positive things in your life. 
  1. Skull with flames. Risk taking.
  1. Stripes in different directions. Indecision.
  1. Stripes upright. Organization. But can also represent limitations because of a fence.
  1. Apex. Climbing and momentum.
  1. Building blocks, by ancestors.
  1. Swirl. Motion and energy in different directions, uncontrolled.
  1. Cactus. Desert dweller, long lasting.


  1. Blooming energy.
  1. Flower radiating, you growth has impact and radiates.
  1. Flower – ascension and decline.
  1. Water waves. In motion, fierce.
  1. Blooms with rays. Moving fast ahead.
  1. Lips. Love, sensual.
  1. Speaking. Having a voice.
  1. Closed eyes. Manifesting, 
  1. Snake. Unfounded fear. Rebirth, shedding of skin.
  1. Eye open with lashes. Vision, always being aware.Eyeball. Vision.
  1. Botanical, leaves, growing vines.
  1. Leaf of life, nature, connecting.
  1. Grid, random, white noise.Pointy leaf. Growth,nature.
  1. Corn husk. Food, nourishment.
  1. Rose with stem. Romantic love.
  1. Little flower, seeing beauty.
  1. Paint brush. creativity.
  1. Hand. Building, humankind.
  1. Music notes. Music soundtrack for your life.
  1. Cactus. Desert love, resilience.
  1. Flames emerging. Passion, fierce passion.
  1. Full sun. Living life to the fullest.
  1. Wall of flames. Fiery energy.
  1. Candle. Celebration.
  2. Lightning bolt. Inspiration.
  1. Half skull. Life and death.

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