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DIY copper wind chime with Mexican tin milagros


Here is how to make DIY copper wind chime!

Now that we have a fancy patio, we decided to ditch all of our previous hanging decor and upgrade with new pieces. I happened to have a stack of the these gorgeous copper milagros that I bought but never used. Once I saw the selection of pre-cut copper pipes (!!!!!!) at Lowe’s I decided to make a wind chime.

OK – truth is, my husband Patrick gave me the idea of using the pre-cut copper pipes, but I incorporated the milagros! It’s a partnership, right?

Milagros mean “miracles” – these are metal designs made in Mexico to be used in prayer. For example, if your hand hurts, you would use a little hand milagro, there are milagros for all kinds of things like houses, body parts, pets, livestock, even cars! My favorite are the many kinds of hearts!


TIP on choosing copper pipes, the longer they are, the better the chiming sound. I saw some small chunky pieces, they look cute but don;t make any noise. Stick with medium-to-large widths.

SUPPLIES for DIY copper wind chime :

1 lighting fixture metal canopy (in the lighting and ceiling fan area). I liked using this as the top because it comes pre-drilled with three holes!

2 copper pipes, 12″ each

3 copper pipes, 6″ each

1 T-pipe, 2″

Nylon cord or heavy twine

Drill, with metal bit

Copper spray paint

4 metal milagros, preferably brass. you can check Etsy or a Mexican import store to find these.

Bamboo skewers

DIY copper wind chime

Directions for DIY copper wind chime: 

1. sketch your design on a piece of paper and decide where you need to drill your holes on the pipes and milagros. Drill, using the bit for metal.


2. Spray paint the canopy. you can also use a label remover to take off any price stickers from the copper pipes.


3. Double loop the twine through the top hole. I added a wood bracelet to use as the hanger.


4. Now cut a piece of bamboo skewer and stick through the holes of the pipes and tie the twine and connect all the pieces. I liked this method because the twine doesn’t show as much, but if you don’t mind it show, you can just string the pieces together.


5. Make sure to use the T-pipe in the center, this will be the ringer that will make your chime, well….chime!


6. Set it on a flat surface and make sure you like how it looks. NOTE: My family didn’t like the torso milagro, so I switched it out. Wimps!

TIP: If you have twine that shows, hit it with some spray paint, so it will all blend together.


Other ideas for a DIY Copper Wind Chime

Create a classic wind chime by using copper pipes of varying lengths. Each pipe can be cut to a specific length to produce different musical notes. Hang these pipes in a descending order of length using a sturdy circular or square frame made of wood or metal. Add a clapper in the center, which could be a smaller piece of copper or wood, to strike the pipes when the wind blows.

Fashion a visually stunning spiral chime. This involves bending the copper pipes into a spiral shape and hanging them from a central point so they cascade down in a spiral formation. Different lengths and diameters of pipes can be used for varied sound and aesthetics. The spiral design not only creates a beautiful visual but also produces a unique sound pattern as the wind moves through it.

Create a garden chime that not only sounds melodious but also serves as a garden feature. Use copper pipes cut to lengths that follow a musical scale. Attach these pipes to a frame designed to blend with your garden, such as a trellis or a decorative metal frame. Incorporate elements like leaves or flowers made from copper sheet or wire for a more artistic touch. This chime can be tuned to play a simple melody when the wind passes through it.

Remember to polish the copper pipes for a gleaming finish, or let them develop a verdigris patina for a rustic look. You can also add decorative elements like beads or colored glass to enhance the visual appeal of your chime.


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