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How to add crystals to Champagne glassware

Here is how to add crystals to Champagne glassware. Because sparkly wine glasses are the BEST. These are absolutely perfect for New Year’s Eve, birthdays, blessings and everything in between!

I am in my crafty groove these days, making goodies for my friends and family, and these sparkly wine glasses are my project of the season! Wine glasses are affordable, and the sparkle of the crystals goes a long way. They are beautiful, chic, and the perfect WOW gift!


OK, let me show you how to make these!

How to add crystals to Champagne glassware


Wine glasses (you can buy these by the box or as singles).

Flat-backed glass crystals in your favorite color, about 36 per glass. They are sold in sizes of 100-500 in a package. NOTE: Do not use acrylic or plastic gems, they will become cloudy once you apply the glue. Stick with the glass crystals, they are prettier and will hold up strong!

Super glue.


Paper plate.

Soft cloth.

How to add crystals to Champagne glassware


Use the cloth to wipe down the glass so it is free of dust or debris. Place the crystals on a paper plate. Add three evenly-spaced dots of glue on one side of the glass.

How to add crystals to Champagne glassware

Use the crayon to pick up a crystal and place it on the dot – just a dot, not a glob- of wet glue. TIP: Your crystals must be right side up. You can gently tap the plate to make the crystal flip over as needed. Make sure to leave room around the rim for people to drink their wine, do not apply crystals near the top of the glass.


When applying your crystals, use the “five” dice as inspiration to keep your crystals evenly spaced. Trust me, this tip works, otherwise it’s easy to get lost applying them. You want a clean, professional look, this will do it!


Once you finish one glass, finish the rest! Let them dry. To remove any glue strands from the crystals, gently roll your finger pad over the strand and it will come off.

DIY Crystal Wine Glasses by Crafty Chica.

Beautiful! You can use these to serve wine at your next party, or wrap them up as a set to give as a gift. Hand wash as opposed to placing in the dishwasher.

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DIY Crystal Wine Glasses by Crafty Chica.

I gave these to my friend, Dania!


There are great to use any time of the year! Celebrate the good times!

DIY Crystal Wine Glasses by Crafty Chica.

I’m really happy with this project. I was able to make and give a fancy handmade gift, plus treat myself to a little something as well. I’m excited to see what you do with this craft! you can also use it as a little gift card holder!

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 DIY Crystal Wine Glasses by Crafty Chica.

Other ideas for decorating wine or Champagne glasses:

Glitter-Dipped Glasses: This involves dipping the stem and base of the champagne glasses in glue and then in fine glitter. You can choose colors that match the theme of your event. After the glitter is applied, a clear sealant can be used to ensure the glitter stays in place and doesn’t come off on your guests’ hands.

champagne flutes


Etched Glass Design: Using a glass etching cream, you can create intricate designs on the bowl of the champagne glass. This could be anything from simple monograms to elaborate patterns. The etching cream creates a permanent frosted effect, giving the glasses a sophisticated and personalized touch.

Beaded Charms: Attach small, decorative charms or beads to a thin wire or hoop that can be placed around the stem of the glass. These charms can be customized according to the occasion – like little hearts for a wedding or numbers for a New Year’s Eve party. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also help guests keep track of their own glass throughout the event.

champagne glasses



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