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Resin craft: DIY milagros charms

Check out this resin craft: we’re making custom milagros charms!


Milagros charms

I love collecting milagros from Mexico. And  I love to use them in mixed media art and jewelry. I was thinking recently, I would like to make my own milagros with different textures and colors. So I went with resin.

This is what I used for this project: Ice Resin Jewelers Grade Clear Casting Epoxy Resin 8 oz Kit

milagros charms

First I made a mold of the milagros I wanted to use – see my tutorial here.

Making the milagros charms 

I used clear two-part resin. See this tutorial of how to mix and pour resin in silicone molds.

Wear a mask and gloves.

Mix equal parts (look at the manufacturer directions), let set so the air bubbles disappear. Carefully pour into the mold. Let set until fully cured.

milagros charms


They came out like glass! This opens the world for so many opportunities! You can stamp on the back of them and then add paint.


For this one, I added gold paint on the back to get a clear look in the front.


For the earrings, I spray painted them silver and added jump rings and hooks.


This one I used a gold paint pen on the top. Thanks for checking out my post about milagros charms!


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  1. Hi Cathy,

    is there a special type of paint to use on resin so that it doesn’t scratch or wear off? Or do you find acrylic paint okay?


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