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Creativepreneur 101: How to organize ideas

If you are a creativepreneur, you might have wondered the best way of how to organize ideas. Here are my tips to help you!

Ideas are my lifeblood. I’ve even won awards for best brainstormer. Sounds cheesy, but I’m really proud of this personality trait. 

There are issues though, not gonna lie. Especially when you are a hyper-creative and the ideas come flooding in and you want to act on all of them, right NOW.

It’s easy to become overstimulated and then not do anything. From design ideas, events, phrases, business plans, etc – ideas come from all angles for different categories.

Therefore, it’s a good plan to document everything and then sort ideas out later as you need them.

how to organize ideas - creativerpreneur

How to organize ideas

1. Write them all down. I like to use my art journal so I can sketch, add notes, tape in swatches or magazine clippings. This helps calm my mind to just brain dump without second guessing. Here are some options:

 – If you can’t write them down, record them on your phone. Use your notes app or even video. If you SEE ideas, say at a boutique – always ask for permission first before taking a picture. Be respectful. What I do is use my voice notes app, explain what I saw and a couple ideas for a “Crafty Chica twist.”

 – Use an art journal. Loosen up and use fancy marker to draw and doodle your fabulous plans. Referback to the book every time you feel stifled.

2. Note where the inspiration came from. Why it will work for you. How would you spin it to fit your style? How does it relate to your “North Star” goals for your career or life experience?

screen printing on paper bags
I once had an idea to screenprint on paper bags. Was it a hit? Eh, not quite, but it led to other concepts, which were awesome!

Dive deeper – especially as a creativepreneur

Don’t be afraid to push yourself out of your routine. That is what life is about, having as many new experiences to help us grow. If you feel bored or stuck, its likely you need to shake things up!

Here are more ways of how to organize ideas…

3. Go beyond the first ideas. Force yourself to come up with a few (or a lot!) more ideas on the topic. When you want to come up with a new idea, write down six ideas, then force yourself to come up with six more. The gold is usually in those last six. The first six are likely ideas that everyone else has thought of as well.

4. Input the main idea into a Google doc or sheet (or whatever online platform of choice). Add notes of resources required, timeline, investment needed, level of excitement, your why, desired end goal. What will you need to remove from your schedule to create space for these ideas?


You wan tot act on your ideas! Here are ways you can get that rolling. I’ve even gone so far as to schedule my ideas as booked time in my phone. Or even preschedule emails to myself! Whatever works!

5. Arrange the list in groups, either by category, priority, easy to difficult. This is essential! If you leave them in one big list, it will be hard to sort through them. I use Google docs to input them, and then create headings that go to each topic.

If you REALLY want to get into it, you can use Google sheets and put in the tasks required, and the results. I don’t go that far, but I might someday!

6. Create a timeline to work on your top three. Send yourself reminder notes, put time in your calendar. Do what it takes to block off the time!

Crafty Chica in Mexico City - how to organize ideas creativepreneur
Creativepreneur life – relaxing on the reforma in Mexico City!

7. Relax! You are a professional creativepreneur – that is what a lot of people dream of! Remember, all you are doing is documenting your creative genius! You don’t have to act on every idea right now. But at least you have plenty to choose from when you need a mood boost or need to make a “left turn” in your routine to spice things up! 

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