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Push pin ideas for crafting

Here are ten push pin ideas for crafting that will come in handy!

10 push pin ideas to help with crafting:

Prop up items for painting. Don’t you hate to set down wet items to dry. Especially with wood, simply add a push pin at the bottom to prop it up for drying.

Make holes in card stock. This works great for making earring cards or attaching twine to tags.

Hold templates or patterns in place.  Whether it is fabric or paper while you cut or trace around them. This will ensure precise shapes and designs.

Pinhole art. Poke hokes in construction paper and then hold it up to the light or layer on a contrasting sheet.

Create DIY string art. Use  wood or cork board by outlining a shape with push pins and then wrapping string or yarn around them in various patterns.

Create a dotting tool for painting or dot art projects. Dip the pin head in paint or use the larger side for bigger dots

Secure lightweight crafting materials. Things like foil, tissue paper, or thin plastic to a work surface to keep them in place while painting, cutting, or applying adhesives.

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DIY push pin projects

Make a homemade jewelry or bead organizer. Push pins into a board or frame and hanging necklaces, bracelets, or beads from them for easy sorting and access.

Create a temporary display board. Great for photos, notes, or inspiration pieces by inserting push pins into a wall or board and attaching items with clips or string.

Design a custom bulletin board. Cover a piece of cork board with fabric and then decorating it with colored push pins in patterns or designs.

Construct tiny dolls or characters. Use push pins for heads, decorating them with paint or markers, and attaching them to bodies made from paper or fabric.

Craft a homemade calendar or planner board. Use push pins to attach calendar pages or note cards to a cork board, allowing for easy updates and adjustments.


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