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DIY vision board calendar + 10 unique vision board ideas

Check out these clever and unique vision board ideas – I love the vision board calendar! It’s not just about manifesting dreams and goals, creating one encourages personal growth. You are dialing into to what your heart really desires.

Vision boards are a great way to match your style and what you love, whether that’s something digital, hands-on, or something totally out of the box. It’s all about what feels right for you, making the whole thing way more fun and personal.

As a hyper-creative, I never want to do things the traditional way. Yes, I do make a traditional physical vision board, but because I make these all year round, so I use different methods.

Imagine having your goals pop up on your phone or computer wallpaper, or tucked into your journal or planner. It’s like having a mini cheerleader with you all the time, keeping you pumped about your dreams. 

And if you’re into turning your space into an inspiration zone, how about a magnetic or fabric board right where you can see it every day? It’s like your goals are part of your decor!

This isn’t anything new – think of your bedroom walls when you were a teen. Pictures plastered everywhere. Except now we are ultra serious about what we want. It’s not a dream anymore, it is a game plan. 

What’s really neat is how these boards can change as you do. It’s super easy to switch things up, update or shuffle around. Your vision board evolves with you.

And the best part? These unique ideas are for everyone. No matter how you like to express yourself or what tech you’re comfy with, there’s a style that’ll feel just right. It’s all about making vision boarding fun, accessible, and totally you. Let’s get creative with our dreams!

Remember this is not a mood board – it’s all about the law of attraction. A visual representation of your goals and desired experiences.

Benefits of creating your own vision board:

Goal setting: It pushes you to think about specific tangible goals.

Positive mindset: The act of creating brings up positive emotions and even better, positive affirmations!

Community: Joining a group for a vision board party is a great way to network and see other perspectives of life.

Mindset: Having a collage of images of what you love in one place, seeps into your subconscious. This normalizes your dreams as if they are perfectly attainable.

Creative juices: You’ll have a blast looking for pictures, creating scenes and glueing them all down!

Visualization tool: Put your creation in a prominent place so you can see it every day and think about it. It’s a constant reminder of what is possible!

Quality time: Taking time for YOU to focus on your heart’s calling is a big deal. It’s an act of self-love.

Ideas of what to include:

Rather than only use magazine clippings, curate pictures specific to your goals and print them out to use.

Printed images you curated that support your goals. Make these yourself or buy some on Etsy.

Magazine clippings that have powerful images or inspirational quotes or headlines.

Vision board quotes – you can look for these online or type up specific ones for yourself. 

A journal to write down the end goal of what you choose for your board.

Vision board topics:

Dream vacation

Career goals

Health and wellness



Press for your business

Companies to work with

Family and relationships

Art and creativity

Writing a book

Starting a new business

Leveling up the business you already have

New skills you want to learn

Conquering a challenge

A new office space

Any other personal goals or another area of your life you want to improve

Here are the best vision board ideas – that don’t involve a poster board!

Vision board calendar

Vision Board Calendar:

Use a 12-month calendar themed to one of your goals (I picked world travel!), and then create a vision board for each month. Yes, you’ll cover the calendar’s design, but it is worth it.

You can theme each month to a goal or create a mini-version. Whatever you want.

Hang it up where you can see it everyday!

Digital Vision Board: Utilize graphic design software or apps like Canva, Pinterest, or Adobe Spark to create a digital vision board. These can be set as desktop or phone wallpapers for constant inspiration.

Magnetic Board: Use a magnetic board and create custom magnets with images and quotes. This allows for easy rearranging and updating of the vision board.

Fabric Pinboard: Cover a corkboard with a vibrant fabric and use pins to attach items. This adds a tactile and aesthetic element to the vision board experience.

Window Vision Board: Use a window and glass markers or static clings to create a vision board. This approach offers natural light and can be easily changed.

bullet journal example

Journal or Planner: Integrate a vision board into a journal or planner. This makes it portable and easily accessible for daily inspiration and reflection.

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Recycled Objects Board: Use a piece of recycled wood, an old picture frame, or a repurposed tray as the base. Attach images and quotes with clips, strings, or directly onto the surface.

More unique vision board ideas

Rotating Vision Board: Create a rotating vision board using a carousel or a revolving photo frame. This dynamic format keeps the vision board engaging and fresh.

3D Vision Board: Incorporate three-dimensional objects, like miniatures, fabric scraps, or natural elements (like leaves or stones), to create a vision board with texture and depth.

Shadow Box: Use a shadow box to create a vision board with layers and a sense of enclosure, adding a unique visual and tactile dimension.

Virtual Reality (VR) Board: For a tech-savvy approach, create a vision board in a virtual reality environment. This immersive experience can be a powerful tool for visualization.

These unconventional methods not only add creativity to the process of making a vision board but also allow for a more personalized and interactive experience. They can be tailored to individual preferences and spaces, making the vision board a more integral part of everyday life.

​But real talk – all you really need is a piece of paper to at least write down your goals. Do whatever suits you best!

vision board calendar

Thanks for checking out these unique vision board ideas – my favorite is the vision board calendar. It’s easy, and gives new energy to the concept!

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