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Cupcake pan mixed media collage

This cupcake pan mixed media collage is super cool to assemble!

This week Maya, my youngest, started high school, and my oldest, DeAngelo, is a senior. gulp. Two kids in high school! I miss the days of sippy cups!

I came across this project I made for my first book, Making Shadow Boxes and Shrines (which is now reprinted as The Crafty Chica Collection, $24.99, Quarry Books).

It’s a cupcake tin filled with pictures, mini-mementos and any thing else I could fit in there. The idea was inspired by my friend and the best boss I ever had, Jenny Ignaszewski (wow, I can’t believe I can still spell her last name from memory!). She was going to do a project something like this for the book, but was so busy she did not have time. Jenny is an extremely talented artist who left a plumb job at the newspaper to pursue a career as a full-time painter. I cried so hard when she left, that I couldn’t even go to her goodbye party because my eyes were so swollen. She was that kind of boss, and to this day, she STILL inspires me! Check out her web site: IggyArt!

Directions for the cupcake pan mixed media collage:

All you do is go to a thrift store and pick up a cupcake tin. Cut scrapbook paper to fit inside each circle, and then make color copies of photos. Gather up your kid’s toys that they think they lost (hee hee) and glue them to the tin. For glueing directly to the tin, you’ll need a metal glue but for everything else you can use hot glue or a heavy white craft glue, like Tacky Glue. I even glued little Pez candies all around the edge.

You can also add little letter beads to spell out names, or years, or phrases.

HOW-TO: Get going on writing your book

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