Frontster diving, sexy sewing machines

I call this frontster diving.

It’s when everyone puts their bulk trash at the front of their lawns, and then random people come by in broad daylight and sift through it, cool and calm, as if they were in a Goodwill store.

This was the third person who rummaged through out bulk trash this morning. We had just pulled up from running some errands, and she had her car parked, trunk open and was going through every bag. We got off the car, and she must have thought she was invisable because she didn’t even look up to say “Hi!”, or “Awesome trash!”

I couldn’t help but pull out my handy new iPhone, crouch around the truck, and snap a picture.

Who am I to talk? I have been a frontster diver in my past. If you have my Shrine and Shaodwbox book, the Hawaiian Aloha shrine is a fronster find that I snatched away from my mom-in-law’s neighbor. But it was in plain site, just sitting there on top of a rickety dresser. I would never untie garbage bags and go through them in a lazy, la-dee-dah style like this lady. It cracks me up. In my novel, I have a kooky character named Lola who is a hardcore frontster diver. But Lola is fast like a ninja!

It’s 2 a.m., I should hit the hay. But I’m just having so much fun these days. I’m working on jewelry stuff all day long, and then in the late afternoon and night, I’m sewing projects for my book. And my Spanish classes too. All three of those are so addicting, I can’t stop, I just want to keep going making stuff while rolling my rrrrr’s until the sun comes up, but I can’t.

Ooooo! Tonight I finally got my fancy Janome 11000 Memory Craft sewing machine. It is so sci-fi, I love it. It has a touch screen, and a self-threader, self winding bobbin and it even came with a DVD that starts with a lady in a sexy/breathy voice who says “Welcome to the Memory Craft 11000…”

Dang, the machine itself is sexy. It is super quiet, it doesn’t bounce all over the table like my $99 Singer, and everything is super smooth and clean. I sewed for several hours tonight without a stitch of drama. That is unheard of!

Before I sign off, keep checking back because I’m going to be posting Halloween ideas (old and new) all month long. Special thanks to Brad and Jacob from Porchlight for the cool Halloween touches. They are going to put them up today for me!

And one more reminder:

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