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Positive Vibes: 20 Ways to Recalibrate Your Mood

Sometimes we need to make a special effort to bring on the positive vibes. I thought about this today. There are moments when everything is going in my favor, but I let my mood go to a dark place over something stupid. It usually involves someone underestimating me or things don’t go as planned, or my vibe just needs a kick in the pants.

I refuse to stay moody. Negativity is toxic to me. Critical thinking – yes, let’s solve some problems. But hardcore frowning and/or eye-rolling is not my style. Today was one of those days. Rather than let it run its course, I sat down and made a list of ways to recalibrate my vibe!

Here are 20 ways to bring on positive vibes!

Before we get into this list, know that the real work has to come from your thoughts. You have to know this too shall pass. My dad would always ask me, “Will this matter in five years?” That always helped put things in perspective!

I hope these ideas help and please, leave some ideas of your own in the comments!

Make a connection with a new person. You know the co-worker you walk by every day on your way to your desk? Stop at their cubicle and ask them how they are doing. Notice the decorations they have on their desk, maybe you will learn something new and exciting about them. If you are online a lot, go through the comments on your photos and send a couple of people a nice message.

At lunch or dinner today, order something you never thought you would order. Ask yourself why you never thought of eating that before. Even if it is a new type of salad dressing. Surprise your tastebuds!

Call your mom or dad, sister or brother. Chit chat about things like their favorite TV show or the last pair of shoes they just bought. How many times do we only call when we need something? Break the cycle!

Give a shout out! If you see someone wearing a cool piece of clothing, tell them they look great! Maybe it is their hairstyle.

Give love to the back of your closet. Look through your closet to the stuff you hardly ever wear and then put something that you had forgotten about. Even better, maybe you can hack it dye it, or find a way to give it new life.

Drive, walk or ride home in a different path than usual, even if it takes a bit longer.

Do you always drive by the same store and wonder what they sell? Pullover and go check it out. This is inspired by customers who come into Mucho Mas Art Studio. They’ll tell us they always drive by and finally decided to stop, then they are happy they did!

Visit your local indie bookstore or shop. Talk with the owner and ask about their shop. Maybe give them some social media love!

Buy a blank canvas or journal and get busy. Use old magazines or newspaper to make a self-portrait collage.


Create a music playlist and give it a fun title, then share it out with your friends! Here’s mine!

Watch a new series you’ve heard about but didn’t have time to watch. I suggest Los Espookys!

Take a moment to acknowledge when someone does something nice for you. Look them in the eye and say thank you. It will make their day!

Think of a phrase that uplifts you or makes you smile, and make a graphic from it. Share it out!


– Sign up for a workshop you’ve always wanted to take. Don’t bring any of your supplies, use what the teacher has and see how you can learn something new.


Next time you see puppies for sale on the street corner, pull over and hold a few of them. The cute factor alone will make you happy!

Leave the last bite of your yummy dessert for the guardian angel who hangs out over your shoulder. They might like desserts too!

Next time you hear someone groaning and griping, give them a compliment to lighten the mood. Maybe they need to be reminded to snap out of it. Or ask, “Are you doing okay today?”

Before you close your eyes at night, list three things that went correct today. You don’t have to get all woo-woo, but just end the day knowing you really did have control of something and tomorrow is a new day. Even if it’s “Well, I’m still here.” “My car got me to work today.” “I finished a journal page.”

Most of all, take time out to do something special just for you! Remember you will get back what you give out three times over, so make the most of it!

OK, my mission has been accomplished, I feel 100% better already!

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