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Corazón Craft Night: How to host an online craft party

We’re all on lockdown these days for a good reason. But as stressful as life is right now, we have to find time to connect with others and stay positive. That’s the inspiration behind Corazón Craft Night, it’s an online craft party with a line-up of guests who share a 15-minute craft tutorial on Instagram Live!

Let me back up to last Saturday. Eliana went live from her Instagram and next thing I knew, Eli had me on as her guest. We chatted about staying in and getting our craft on, and THE IDEA WAS BORN.

March is National Craft Month and I thought it would be a great way to showcase the creative makers in the Latinx/Latino community. I work in the professional crafts industry and we are definitely underrepresented, so I thought it would be the best of both worlds to theme it to Latinx/Latino! I messaged some friends and everyone said yes!

Corazon Craft Night

Here’s how we did it:

Think of it as a progressive dinner where everyone eats one dish of food, then goes to the next house for the next course. Except we used our respective Instagram Live accounts and shared a 15-minute craft, then we passed the cyber glue bottle to the next person. This went on for three hours. Hey, we’re all home and being alone can get, well, lonely. This is such a fun way to stay connected!

I went first and showed how to make shaker cards (demo coming soon!)


Noelle of Mi Vida showed how to make an Affirmation Cloud Mobile!

People loved it, it was a great way to hang out and learn something new – and meet new friends!


Vanessa of Tried and True Blog showed how to wave a yarn bowl from a cereal box!


Susana, The Designing Chica, showed how to use everyday items to create art. She used a pizza box as a canvas!


Eliana of InMyEliment and LatinasWhoBrunch showed how to make jumbo tissue flowers! (Here is a tutorial!)

and here is a link to Latinas Who Brunch!

Luisa of AzLotusArt showed how to paint a concha!


Vero of VeroSweetHobby showed how to make cactus cupcakes!


Scar of Cholos Try showed how to make Jolly Rancher roses!


Rina Gonzales of CreateStudioFresno showed how to make tags and pop-up cards!


Elexia of Artelexia showed how to make beautiful tin shrines!

And Maya of Maya in the Moment provided our halftime entertainment by singing a few songs.


By the end of the night, I had juicy tears rolling down my cheeks, all from happiness. What made it even more special was seeing people post pictures of the items they made. We had hundreds of people who tuned in.


So, of course, we are doing it again! Tune in this Tuesday night for our second round of Corazón Craft Night – we will start at 6 p.m. ET on my Crafty Chica Instagram LIVE.

How to do it!

If you want to do this yourself with friends, set up a schedule and make sure everyone knows who is before and after them so they can cross-promote.

Each person has 15 minutes, then they promote the next person and tells their crowd to go to the next account for the next craft.

Have a moderator who can comment when they have five minutes left and who the next person is, so they can post in the comments.

Try to stay on schedule.

Make sure everyone casts from a strong wifi signal so there won’t be any pauses. That is the quickest way to lose a crowd!

Make sure everyone explains their craft and leaves their “live” up for the 24 hours.

That’s it, have fun!! Happy National Craft Month!

And stay inside, stay healthy, stay kind!

Corazon Craft Night

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