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Canvas Shadow Box

The holiday season is in full swing over here. Our whole house is tricked out in lights, trees, ornaments and all sorts of kitschy decorations. Speaking of kitschy – here is this week’s video: Glittered Canvas Shadow Boxes!

I found a huge stack of small chunky canvases at the craft store in the clearance bin. They had pictures printed on them that were kinda cheesy – but alas, I turned them over and grinned in delight. There was a perfect spot to insert a small trinket! If you don’t have such luck at your nearest clearance bin, you can use regular canvases, they are only $2-3 bucks each.


Peppermint Snowflake Bark

Crafting holiday tips!


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  1. These are FABULOUS! Truly inspired! In fact, I’m thinking that if I can find these on sale they would make great little gifts for each person who attends my annual holiday dinner. Thanks, you crafty devil, you! 😉


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