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Fabric Pillow Ring


Just another idea for those tiny fabric scraps. Who in the world could toss out a 1″ square piece of animal print fabric?


2 pieces of fabric, a little over an inch.
Small image printed on fabric paper, or any other kind of soft image.
Sewing machine, or hand needle & thread.
Acrylic paint, liner brush and micro glitter.
A pinch of batting.
Metal glue.
Flat ring base.

Directions: Sew the image to the front of one of the pieces fo fabric. Sew the two pieces of fabric like a little pillow (inside out on three sides). Turn it right side out, add the pinch of batting, and sew up the open side. Glue it to the ring base. When it is dry, hold it steady in your hand and use the liner brush to paint on a border. Sprinkle on the micro glitter while the the paint is still wet.

This is just how I made it, but you can take it from there and add whatever else you want! Trims, charms, etc… I love using fabric for unconventional means, and this idea is perfect for that.

And if you ever get sleepy, you can just put your head on your ring! Kinda, sorta…

* All content/photos copyright, © Kathy Cano-Murillo, 2008.

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3 thoughts on “Fabric Pillow Ring”

  1. Dear Crafty Chica – I just love getting on the net these days! Who knows what kind of stuff we’ll find from you? A pic… a creation made out of what others might toss…something whimsical…your steps PLUS ideas for how to adapt it to our style…YOU ARE TRULY A TREASURE and I will say it again – I wanna be like YOU when I grow up! Love from a sister crafty chic

  2. I love this little ring. Can you tell me what type of glue you used? I searched “fabric to metal” on thistothat.com and they recommended 3M 77 Spray Adhesive. Would that really work?


  3. I love it! I am going to use this idea in a modified way: I need to replace the buttons on my button tufted throw pillows. Bowser the cat recently chewed the buttons off, so I have a great excuse to try your project!


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