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25 Things About Me

I’ve been getting tagged for the past two weeks for this, so I’m going to just do it!

1. I was bit in the face by a basset hound in 1st grade and was afraid of dogs for years afterward. Every time I would see a loose dog, or hear what sounded like a dog collar jingling, I would run and scream.

2. Over the years, because of number one, I have been chased by two wiener dogs (simultaneously), a sheep dog, a poodle, and numerous strays.

3. I now own five Chihuahuas and am still kinda scared of dogs!

4. In second grade I smothered a hot dog in yellow mustard and have not eaten the yellow stuff since. I think I ate a lifetime’s worth in that one hot dog!

5. My favorite city in the world is London, and I’ve been there three times and hope to return soon!

6. I never ate Mexican food until my first date with Patrick (my husband). He made me try a chimichanga.

7. I fell in love with Patrick the first time I saw him! It was when I worked at the traffic court. It was his first day working there and he asked me where he could find a dolly. He meant a hand cart, but I was thinking “I’ll be your dolly!!!”

8. I’ve had a lot of crazy jobs. I was a shift manager at a Jack in the Box in high school and almost got beat up by a drunk chola on the graveyard shift!! I was a road manager for a touring Jamaican reggae band, I was a cocktail waitress at a Jamaican nightclub for one night, I made life-size sandwich costumes for a parade. I was a back-up singer for two gigs. I used to style photo shoots for the newspaper, I was an appeals clerk for traffic court, I worked in PR for while, wrote a lot of press releases – one of them made it on the Jay Leno Show for Boogers Candy! I used to review movies and interview movie stars for the newspaper. I have been kissed on the cheek by The Rock, Ewan McGregor, and one time i asked Jake Gyllenhaal what he had in his pocket and he said “Let me see…oh, I have your phone number!”

9. I almost died from complications from both pregnancies. I remind my kids every time they test my last nerve!

10. I’m left handed but cut right handed because there were no lefthanded scissors in grade school.

11. I type with four fingers – both index fingers and both thumbs.

12. It is few and far between, but when I get mad, I get REALLY mad and get super strength like the Hulk. i have thrown a Christmas tree across the living room, crushed 12 unopened beers cans two at a time with my bare hands… and hmmm…I think that is it.

13. I was 16 the first time a boy held my hand (it was to tell me he only liked me as a friend) and 18 when I had my first kiss.

14. I’ve been in one serious car accident. 8-months pregnant and it flipped over on the freeway.

15. I used to make African-themed jewelry when I first started crafting and selling my work. I was at a concert and a girl asked me, “Are you Black?” I said, “No, I’m Mexican-American” and she said, “Well, why don’t you make Mexican jewelry?” and I said, “You know, good idea, I think I will do that!”

16. Reggae is my favorite music, I love to listen to it while I work in my studio. i don’t like nasty dancehall or old school Bob Marley. I like everything inbetween as long as it is uplifting and empowering.

17. Over the years, i have been lazy with crafting and have hurt myself. Three pencil stabs, three hot glue burns, one large cut from a hot knife, and my nail punctured by the sewing machine while watching “American Me”. Do not try to sew handbags while watching cholo prison flicks!

18. Within one month (years ago), I had long hair to my shoulders, then cut it in a flat top, then got lonnnggg hair extensions that went below my waist, and then picked them out with my fingers waiting for a friend at the bus station. Then my hair was a short bob and I left it alone!

19. I like to give gifts to strangers as a random acts of kindness kind of thing.

20. One of my picture frames was used in a Fresh Prince of Bel Air set; Helena Bonham Carter asked for a signed copy of my last book, I signed it and made her jewelry; I made jewelry boxes for the cast of Frida!

21. Mean people make me sad and I make it a mission to try and make them happy only to sometimes get burned in the process. Especially mean people who choose to be evil, hurtful and hateful for silly reasons. Life is too short! Luckily, I’ve only encountered one or two of those people and stay far, far away 🙂

22. I’m a wimp when I’m away from my family because I miss them!

23. If it weren’t for my husband convincing me to pursue my crafts, I would be working in PR, likely.

24. I prefer flour tortillas over corn.

25. I need to spend less time on the computer!

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  1. LOL. Well, it was Cinco de Mayo at a Mexican restaurant with beans, rice, and mariachis singing at our table too. Our first date. I ordered a hamburger and Patrick said, “Girl, just try something different!” I did. So while it may not be technically Mexican food, it served as my gateway to the cuisine 🙂

  2. hee hee! You’re too cute! A bunch of my friends tagged me in their 25 things notes on Facebook and I’m just not motivated to share right now. *shrugs* lol


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