Embossed Wood Necklace


Embossing is a technique often used in scrap booking, altered arts and any other kind of paper arts you can think of. Therefore, it’s time to mix it up a bit and use it in jewelry. I’ve dabbled with embossing powders before, but more as an experimental exercise than a focused mission. This project is perfect for beginners because by using small wood pieces, you can play around with different colors and images and use them for a variety of purposes. If you make a mistake, it will have a weathered look and can still be used in your work. All items can be found at any craft or paper arts store.

You have no idea how hard it was not to use color on this. I wanted to try something different and clean looking. Embossing powder on raw wood. I like it!

Assorted small wood pieces
Embossing stamp pad
Assorted rubber stamps
Embossing powder
Embossing tool
Hand-held drill
Necklace chain or cording
Jump rings

Directions: Use the paper inks to color the wood pieces. Let dry. Dot the embossing pad over the surface of the rubber stamp until it is generously covered. Press in desired place on the wood piece – be careful not to smear. Pour embossing powder over the wet surface and tap off excess as much as possible. Heat with embossing tool until the powder dries to a shiny, raised look. Let cool. Repeat for other pieces. Drill holes where desired in order to connect the pieces or attach the cording or chain.

Variations: Use small wood pieces to make funky picture bracelets, or use letter stamps to spell out words or phrases. Instead of using as jewelry, make an assortment of the wood pieces and store them in a baggie for use on future craft projects.

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  1. I put my baby’s hand in white glue and put it on the outside of a terra cotta pot. I freehanded her name around the border of the pot in white glue. I then sprinkled gold embossing powder on and heat-set it. I use the pot to hold kitchen utensils now and it’s held up really well.


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