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Canvas Earring Display


Recycle an old canvas into an earring display for your wall!


1 canvas

Assorted acrylic paints, brush

4 or more hook tacks

Small hammer

Dowel rod, cut to fit the canvas horizontally


Directions: Paint the canvas however you want. You can paint it all a solid color, or make a full-on painting. Let dry. Use the small hanger to attach the hook tacks to each corner in the wood frame. Make sure the hook is facing up, because you will add the dowel rod last. Use the nail to make holes for your earrings. Hang your earrings in the holes. Place the dowel rod on the hooks and use it to hold necklaces or clip on earrings. Hang in place

Variation: Glue the canvas to the back of a frame for a more artful look. You can also add hooks to the sides of the canvas to hang earrings and bracelets. Use hinges to connect several canvases for a standing display.

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