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Linocuts, my 1st time

I recently discovered the art of making linocuts and prints. Yes, I am well aware that I am tardy to the carving party, but better late than never, correct?

This is just a sneak peek of my first attempts. I’ll have a full tutorial coming up soon, along with a project to use these on! I was just so excited, I wanted to share my first try! VERY happy with the results and I’m excited to take it to the next level!



Canvas Earring Display

SIGNAGE: Tools for Sale!


4 thoughts on “Linocuts, my 1st time”

  1. I think there are a zillion things out there that need brining back into use like this! 🙂
    You are exactly right! Better late than never… I think that is my catchphrase 😛 haha
    It looks pretty :))

  2. Cool! Interestingly enough, block printing is going to be a part of the novel I am writing now! Just yesterday, I was looking at the catalog of the John C. Campbell Folk Art School (in WAYYY north Georgia) to find a woodcut/linocut class. Maybe this is a sign! Cheers!

  3. thank you kathy, you were part of my motivation to start experimenting with linocuts.


    my first runthrough turned out a bit busted i think, i didn’t really take into consideration adding other colors, and ah yes! block ink. i tried screen printing ink i’ll have to research to see if that’s ok too, because i’m wondering about cleaning up the block and if it’s ok to wash or not. thank you again!


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