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Candy Wedding Soaps

This project goes out to Dana from Tucson who wrote me about my lack of wedding crafts. I have one, The Wedding Cake Card Box – so yuppers, I agree I’m lacking. So I’m adding a few wedding themed ideas tonight.

This soap is super easy. It’s made from Melt N Pour soap, candy sprinkles and packing tape. You can leave these sweet little babies around the wedding reception bathrooms. Unless you are having a Godfather-sized wedding, I don’t think they will get worn down enough for the candy to come out. The idea is to insert an image or phrase, or the wedding date info. If you are worried about them getting used, just give them as party favors, people will want to preserve the memory and won’t dare use them at home. Unless later on at home, they run out of Caress Body Wash or something…


  • Printed phrases or photos
  • Clear packing tape
  • Candy sprinkles
  • Scissors
  • Butter knife
  • 2 pounds of clear glycerin soap, fragrance optional
  • Plastic pitcher and spoon
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Soap coloring (optional)
  • Soap mold trays (smooth tops only)
  • Small spray bottle with rubbing alcohol
  • Clear plastic wrap


1. Create messages by writing or printing them from a computer. Cut to fit in the molds. Cover each picture with packing tape, make sure edges are sealed.

2. Chop the block of glycerin into 1-inch cubes. Separate the cubes into piles if you are going to color them (see note). Put a handful of cubes in the plastic pitcher and melt in microwave according to directions. Remove pitcher and stir contents until completely liquefied. Stir in desired amount of fragrance drops.

3. Pour a super thin layer into each of the molds. If tiny bubbles appear, spray with rubbing alcohol.
Next, *carefully* set a message facedown on the layer. If it falls crooked, do not lift or move it or your soap will become cloudy. Add another super thin layer of melted soap. Sprinkle on a thin layer of the candy sprinkles. Top off the rest of it with more melted soap.

4. Let the soap harden for an hour. Remove and pop soaps out by twisting the tray. Wrap each bar in clear plastic wrap. Use a colorful sticker on the bottom to seal the ends.

Note: To color and scent the soap, add the desired number of drops to liquid after removing from microwave and stir. Don’t use too dark a color, because you want to see the messages clearly.

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