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Glitter-in-a-Bottle Keychain

Today’s project is all about making the most of the odds and ends in your art room. Once I cleaned out all my extras, I realized that I could put them all together to make something functional! I posted a picture earlier and got a few emails about it, so I thought I’d share the crafty recipe for it!

I picked up some blank dog tags. I glued down scraps of paper on them and then a picture, and then painted on accents, added micro stars, and glitter. Yes, even in the tiny space of a dog tag, you can cram in all those elements! I covered each one in resin.

And then I took some mini-bottles, filled them with glitter, attached a chain, added word beads and charms and some old-fashioned key rings. Now that I look at the picture, I think it would have been cool to add a bit of yarn too!

As far as the glitter in the little bottle…just think – you will have (contained) sparkle with you where ever you go! I actually glued the lid down. That way I can tell people “In case of emergency, break bottle of glitter!”


Decorated dog tag, or another large picture charm of some sort.
2″ of chain
mini-bottle filled with Crafty Chica™ Chunky Glitters™ (add a bit of glue inside the rim to hold it tight)
Eye pins
Needle nose pliers
Jump rings

Directions: Attach the dog tag. Attach the bottle to the chain, and add that to the keyring. Put the beads on the eye pin and use jump ring to attach!

Vrooom! Glittered cars!

Glittered Bottles


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