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Glittered Bottles


This is a project from my Crafty Chica Collection book, glittered soda pop bottles!

Here’s how to do it:

Buy some glass pop bottles. I love the Mexican ones because they have raised designs or the labels printed directed on the glass. But you can also use flat paper label ones. It’s all good!

You’ll need acrylic craft paint, assorted brushes, and toothpicks for the micro spots.

You’ll also need decoupage medium and ultra fine glitter in colors that match your paint colors.

First paint the entire bottle, and all the little details. Let it dry.

Next, working one area at a time, coat it in a thin layer of the decoupage medium and then pour on the glitter. Don’t sprinkle the glitter – POUR it! If you sprinkle, you’ll miss some spots. Trust me. Tap off the excess glitter and move on to the next spot.

Stop when it is all covered in glitter. Spray with varnish to seal it.

You could skip the paint part, but I like to do that step because it makes the glitter more vibrant. Red glitter on red paint, yah, baby, gimme more….

Now you can use your bottles as vases, centerpieces for a party, for a window sill, etc.
Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂


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