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Soft Sculpture Skull

 Soft Sculpture Skull, CraftyChica.com
This is a project I whipped up earlier this year and saved for the muertos season. You may have seen the sneaky peek over at the Phoenix Frida blog last month! It’s a little time-consuming to construct, but worth it. I taught this project as a workshop in Los Angeles and I’m proud to say that 32 students hand stitched their skulls – so know that even if you don’t have a sewing machine, you can still make this project!
Coincidentally, somewhere on the other side of the galaxy, the wonderful Shawnee Monkey came up with a similar project, which goes to prove that great minds think alike! So if you don’t get my directions, check out hers. I think her project is more clear than mine, I’ve never been good at engineering…
MOST IMPORTANT TIP: When it comes to “stuffing” your skull, insert a quote from a person you love who passed on. It will be a little special bond between you and them and every time you look at your fabric skull, you will think of that person.


 1. Draw a profile of a skull to your desired size and trace it with chalk around the white fabric. Cut out two pieces.
 2. Cut out a rectangular piece of fabric that is long enough to go all the way around the shape of the profile skull. For a 7″ tall skull, make the strip about 3″ wide. Pin one end edge-to-edge all the way around one side of one of the skull pieces. Now pin the other side, edge-to-edge.
 3. Sew all the way around both sides, leaving one hole at the mouth area. Turn it inside out and stuff with batting. Insert the quote.
 4. Stitch up the mouth area and use a pencil to sketch your design.
 5. Use Crafty Chica® Tango Permanent Fabric Markers™ to draw your design. Use Tulip® 3D Fashion Paint™to add dimensional accents. You can also stitch on medallions, milagros, buttons, etc.
To give your skull more “shape” – tuft it by adding a button through each end using embroidery thread.
You can see how much the 3D paint makes the design POP!Side view – see the button? That is where I tufted the skull on both sides.


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