Dark Chocolate Mocha Brownies

You want to make people drool with delight? (Now that’s an image to imagine, huh?)

Pick up a box of Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix. I used two boxes and one standard cookie sheet (not a brownie pan).

Prepare according to package directions. After you spread the batter evenly on the cookie sheet, sprinkle a Starbucks Italian Roast VIA packet on top. Tap out one packet for half the sheet, if you want a full sheet of mocha brownies, use two.

Bake for 20 minutes, 325 degrees. Make sure the oven has been preheated!

I know this is not anything new, but it was new to me. I used to replace the water in the mix with brewed espresso, but this is the first time I tried sprinkling the instant coffee instead. I like it a lot better because it has more of a “punch” to it. These brownies taste VERY gourmet, as if you paid 1.75 for each one, seriously!

I know the best way is to make the brownies from scratch, but I usually don’t have time, so the box it is. YUM! 🙂


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