HOW TO: Squeeze Paint Gem Dots!

Ok, so what is going on here? I’ll explain.
Have you ever applied Tulip 3D Fashion Paint in the wrong spot, especially when it comes to dots? I have. I found a solution and it turned into a way to make super cool embellishments! Read on!

First you need to score a Tulip® Craft Mat™. Next, squeeze out dots of the 3D paint on the mat.

Apply a gem in the middle of each one, and let them dry overnight. Peel them off the mat. I found that some of mine were kind of wet on the bottom still, so I flipped them over and let them dry for 15-minutes.

Once they are dry, simply store them in a plastic baggie. When you want to use them, simply apply with fabric glue, or my favorite, a contrasting color of 3D paint.

What are the benefits to this?

1. It gives you a chance to move them around and try them out in different spots before you apply them for good.

2. You can use them in mixed media collages, fabric art, paper arts, or just glue them all over sneakers, purses, etc.

3. Have you ever tried to put a gem in the squeeze paint on a project that was at a weird angle? Well, since they are already dry, you don’t have to worry about that!

Here is a sneak peek to an upcoming project where I used my new squeeze paint gem dots!
Love & light,

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  1. That is genius! Once again, Kathy, where would I be without you and your crafty ideas? I’m working on a purse right now using the stuff and the last thing I was going to add is the rhinestones and acrylic gems. I love synchronicity! Thank you Universe and thank you Kathy!
    I will post photos of my bags on the Saturday Share.
    You rock, don’t stop!
    Kris 🙂

  2. great idea ,i uses those gems a lot, and use the 3d paint directly on my material and then push them in the paint.
    but this is for storage awesome,
    You can use too when you don’t have such a mat normal plastic bags not the thinny ones but the more stronger ones.
    i use this always for things i don’t wanted to adjust for ever.LOL
    it’s just a cheaper solution ;-D
    thank you for sharing your funny nice idea;-D
    and have a great good crafty weekend;-D

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