Six Mantastic Crafts for Father’s Day

1. Mantastic Soap. Have a metrosexual kinda pop? Whip up a batch of creamy and yummy smelling soaps for him. I used cocoa butter melt and pour soap base, and then added a bit of essential oil. You can use darker soap colorants for a macho touch, and then wrap them in cool scrapbook paper. They will make a nice side gift for dad!


2. Pimped Out Tool Chest. Actually this was Patrick’s grandpa’s tool chest from, like, 50 or 60 some years ago. I glued washers all over it to give it an artsy edge. I know – it adds zero function to the structure, but it sure looks pretty, don’t you think? To make this I used Liquid Fusion because it also works on metal, doesn’t stink and is very thick. And yes. I asked Patrick before I touched the tool box. His Grandpa Greg (sign of the cross) was always so sweet to me and got a kick out of all the crafty things I used to make and show him. I think he is winking at me from heaven because he is impressed.

3. Lucky Guy Notepad. Blank journal covered in fabric using Aleene’s Tacky Spray. Easy! I stamped the words with acrylic paint.

4. Watch stand. My dad made this, it was one of his last craft projects before he passed. He cut off the handle from a hammer, attached it to a metal rod and mounted to a block of mesquite. Polished it up, etc. His version is a little detailed, but you could do a simpler version!


6. Fisherman’s Tackle-Box-in-A-Hat. From my husband: “It’s a tackle box inside your hat! I bought a hat at the army surplus store. I  kept it intact and created a shallow “tray” from acetate sheets and then used camo fabric I bought to go over it. I used hot glue to put it together. I made small compartments for fishing supplies. I also added a waterproof iPod holder on the side, and a small case for tiny objects. I also had to make sure that everything was very lightweight. No one likes a fisherman with a headache! Now that is what I call MANTASTIC!”

7. Cardboard Bola Tie.
White craft glue
Black and gold paint
High gloss varnish
Bola tie slide
Craft knife or scissors
Think you don’t have supplies? Look harder. Cut off a flap from a cardboard box and you can make a bola tie slide like this. First, sketch or trace your design on paper and then cut out the pieces from the cardboard. Cut a foundation piece and glue the design on top. It will look layered. Paint the whole thing black, and then use gold paint to accent it. This tie rocks for a stylin’ grandpa, dad or any other dude who sports stylin’ neckwear.



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