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Stiffened Embroidery Floss Friendship Bracelets

Hmmm, how did she get those in perfect circles? Read on and see!

How to make stiffened embroidery floss friendship bracelets!

I have to say, this project was a BIGGIE for me. Why? Because I outsmarted my mom, LOL! My mom is The Crafty Chica, crafts are her life. I saw her trying to make bracelets from embroidery thread and water bottles, but she was going about it the wrong way. She had too many layers going on, it didn’t work, and she gave up on the idea. I stepped in and saved the day!

The key was to use less thread and use it in a single layer – it worked! I’ve been wanting to make embroidery floss friendship bracelets lately but didn’t have time. I’m glad I waited because this method is fast, different and very colorful and fun!
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  Here is what you need:
Aleene’s® Stiffen-Quik™ Fabric Stiffening Spray
Embroidery Floss
Water bottle
Wax paper

  Wrap the thread around the water bottle. Try to keep it in a flat even layer.

 Line your work area with wax paper. Spray generously with the Stiffen Quik all over the floss. Rub your finger over the end of the floss to seal it. Make sure it is super-duper wet!


 Let it dry for a couple hours (I waited over night). Cut the bottle and carefully remove the newly-stiffened bracelets.


 This is what they will look like. I discovered that even though they are stiff, they are kind of flimsy. This is where the reinforcement comes in! 


  Choose a contrasting color of floss and tie it at one part of the bracelet. Wrap and wind it all around the bracelet. Use a bit of glue to seal the end.


  Here’s a closer look at the process! Super easy!


 Here it is, one finished!


 This is my finished batch – minus a few that I already gave away. That’s when you know it’s a good project, when you want to share it!
See the fourth one in from the left? I used sewing thread! It worked too! You can also separate the embroidery floss if you want a thinner look. I love the bold and bright color scheme!
Thanks for checking out this tutorial for Stiffened Embroidery Floss Friendship Bracelets!

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