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Frida mixed media piece in progress. I hand cut all the stencils, and then glittered the Frida part…

For the past month, I’ve been working away almost every night on pieces for an upcoming exhibit with my Phoenix, art collective, The Phoenix Fridas. (See more about it here). Because I’m excited about this 30 Days of Creativity series, I’m going to share some behind-the-scenes from my craft studio all this month! Here is how I make my glittered swirls…

I craft for a living. By day, I design for iLovetoCreate and by night I work on personal project for books, art shows, and just for fun!

A long time favorite technique of mine is to make glittered swirls on anything and everything. I feel like it adds that extra touch of sparkly love. Here is how I do it…

Aleene’s Paper Glaze and ultra fine gold glitter (I like my Crafty Chica Goddess Gold!)

Paper Glaze has a very narrow tip so you can “draw” with it, and then your pour the glitter on top while it is wet and tap away the excess. The glue dries dimensional.

I also used it on the Frida portion of the canvas. I cut the stencil, used spray paint, let it dry and then brushed the Paper Glaze and added glitter, section by section. Let it dry and brush away the excess. I then used a can of compressed air to remove glitter flakes from the background of the canvas.

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