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Easy Party Favor Ornaments!

A couple weeks ago we had an event for our Phoenix Fridas group. As an incentive to lure people, we promoted a free little gift to the first 25 guests. I had it planned for weeks what I wanted to make for this. Of course, life happened and my plans changed. Fast forward to the morning of the event. I had exactly one hour to make 25 ornaments. I didn’t panic, I thought like an assembly line, put on my favorite tunes and got busy!

Here is how I did it!

Call me a weirdo – or a crafty hoarder – but I love to buy collections of things, like this big box of tin party favors. I used our Phoenix Frida logo, printed it on a business card template on cardstock and I cut out the images. I also happen to have a box of flower pedals, which I used as a background for the tins. I didn’t even need wet glue – I used Aleene’s Tacky Sticker Sheets and Tacky Dots!

Once I had them all filled, I added the lids and used hot glue to add a piece of ribbon for hanging.

They were a hit! We placed them on a table and as people came to our event, we gave them one. THat way they’ll always remember our craft group!

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  1. Smart use of stash to fashion memorable ornaments! Love love the idea to make keepsake ornaments w/ the keiki (children) @ the library, using photos I take of them at our weekly storytimes. Mahalo, thank you for the inspiration.


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