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Bejeweled Tank

Tank tops in Arizona are as plentiful as mittens at the North Pole. You gotta have them. But leaving them plain and unembellished should be a crime! This is an easy-peasy method  – 3D Slick Paint and a handful of gems!
Here’s how to make it!

You’ll need one tank, acrylic gems, a Tulip T-Shirt Form, and Tulip Slick 3D Fashion Paint.
I used black paint to add a strong border to each gem, but you can decide what color you like – maybe gold or white?

Slide in the shirt form, otherwise the paint will seep through and glue the two layers of the shirt together! Squirt drops of paint in a uniform manner.

Now press a gem into each dot of paint. Let it dry for an hour or two. You can add as many gems as you want – if you want a lot of sparkle, double the amount. You can also think about using only one color of gems.

I knew this project was winner when Maya wore this shirt to a party! Yay, I love happy crafty endings!

EASY CRAFTING: Make your own molds!

I’ll be at Hispanicize 2013 next month! #hispz13 #LowesHispz13


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