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Reggae-inspired Crochet Bag


Reggae-inspired Crochet Bag. What happens when you listen to reggae while you to crochet? You end up making a crochet bag in reggae colors! My husband has led a Phoenix reggae band for years, and for the first ten of those, I was his manager. I’ve seen hundreds of bands, front row, dancing and cheering, swaying all dub style. I’ve bought every kind of red, yellow and green clothing article and accessory I could find! Back in the day, I used to crochet reggae tams (hats) and sell them. I don’t do that any more, but I do love to incorporate the colors in my crafting.

Not only am I sharing how to make this bag, but also one of my favorite new bands – Locos Por Juana! Great grooves for crafty jam sessions!

Click here to hear their music!


Supplies: Tulip One-Step Dye in red, yellow and green. Three skeins of white cotton yarn, plastic table cloth, gloves and rubberbands.


1. Unwind each yarn skein and wrap each one around your elbow and thumb.

2. For each bundle, use two rubber bands from the dye box to section off three areas.

3. Wet the yarn and wring it out.

4. Cover your workspace with disposable plastic table cover.

5. Mix dye following package instructions.

6. Set out the three bundles on the table. Dye the left section of each bundle with Red. Dye the middle sections Yellow, followed by Green in the last sections.

7. When the bundles are thoroughly saturated, wrap each one in plastic wrap and let set 6-8 hours.

8. Rinse yarn in sink until the water runs clear. Add new rubber bands, then run through wash cycle in washing machine and then dry on light tumble setting in dryer.

9. Wrap each yarn bundle into a ball.

10. Chain 35 crochet stitches.

11. Turn, chain up two and double crochet 35 stitches, repeat for 30 rows.

12. Fold the bottom end up and crochet single stitches up the sides to connect. Turn the bag inside out.

13. Crochet the strap: Crochet 70 chains stitches, turn, chain one and crochet double stitches all the way across.

14. Cut a piece of yarn 35” and use a yarn needle to stich the strap to the inner sides.

15. Fold the top flap over to complete the look of the purse.


Six Awesome DIYs!

Eee gads, I’m going to kayak!


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