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Crochet Hook Organizer


I’ll admit it now – i’m a yarn addict. Yes, I’ve become one of THOSE people. When I set up my station in front of the TV to crochet, people walk by and do a double take.

I’ve paired down my yarn stash to this bin, and I’m very proud of that. However, the lid does not close. And on top are my scarves that need embellishing! Woot! Woot!

And those of those who have been on trips with me know that I travel with a bulky bag of yarn. I will whip out my crochet anywhere, anytime, I’m always ready to thrown down. Last week while on a five-hour flight to NYC, I ended up in the dreaded middle seat for five hours. I couldn’t let myself sleep because I snore – and always startle the poor, unsuspecting people next to me. Therefore, I set up my own little bubble of compact craftiness. I watched a movie on my iPad mini, and worked on a scarf.

OK, get this- In front of me was a guy with a military dog. This pooch plopped his head on the top of headrest and watched me stitch the time away. I think even he was bored on the flight!


Here is my problem: I make these crazy scarves with a variety of stitches and textures. I use two-three different hooks for each one and am always losing them. I really needed a memorable place to motivate myself to return the hooks when I’m done. And same for my micro-scissors.


I found this cute little suitcase organizer online!


It’s a treasure box with little chunky drawers inside. Of course, I had to chicafy it, you know!


I traced the front portion on a piece of paper and used pinking shears to cut a piece of fabric.


Next, I applied a sheet of Fabric Fusion double sided-adhesive to the back of the fabric and pressed it in place on the surface. Use your fingers to smooth out any bubbles.


And here it is, in all its finished glory! Now I have a cool place to store my crochet goodies so I don’t lose them anymore. It’s all about putting things back in their place! Yes, I am committing to that!



I even added a postcard inside. I do plan to embellish it further, first I want to finish my scarves!



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  1. I came across your beautiful site through threadbangers. Any who I was looking at your post about storing your crochet hooks and thought that would be amazing for my 83 hooks and get them out of plastic baggies. So I tried clicking on the ones you had marked for Create-ologie and it took me to a bit of a shock. I think i am right in saying it was porn related, not to sure really. but what i wanted to do is let you know so maybe it can be fixed. Thanks for your time and have a good weekend!! Love your crochet stuff so far, can’t wait to see the rest. XOXO Dawn


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