Chorizo con Queso Snack Bites



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My husband, Patrick, has always been a fan of Cacique cheese from Mexico. He crumbles it on top of everything from enchiladas to scrambled eggs. Thanks to him, I’m hooked now too. We thought it was just a little brand of cheese that came in one or two styles. O.M.G. Turns out we were shopping at the wrong store, lol. Well, come to find out through this campaign I’ve been working on, Cacique not only has twelve versions of cheese, but they even have the “Auténtico Cheese Society” for people to join. You can sign up HERE  – the first 20,000 people will receive a welcome package and coupons, and every month 125 people will receive a voucher for one of the cheeses! And my favorite part is that they’ll send you recipes and ideas.


For this mission that I chose to gladly accept, we were to take one of the cheeses and give it our own tasty spin. I’m not a big ‘cooking’ kind of chica, I can handle simple, fast and easy. After dreaming up all kinds of gourmet concoctions, I decided to go with my gut (literally) and make first idea – Chorizo con Queso Popovers – which morphed into Chorizo con Queso Snack Bites. You can do either! All you need are three ingredients and an oven!


I used the Cacique Ranchero to sprinkle on top of my chorizo, but I felt it needed something else to make it special, you know? So I picked up a couple tubes of croissant rolls and used them in different ways to hold the chorizo con queso!


First you want to preheat the oven for the rolls. Next, cook the chorizo all the way through. While its cooking,move on to the other steps…


like grating the cheese! Yum…


I used a mini muffin pan. Line each space with some of the dough, add a healthy teaspoon of chorizo, then another heaping teaspoon of the cheese. You can decide to pinch the tops closed or have them bake with them open. I like the latter.


I also tried other ways too – popovers and rolled up. I didn’t matter, they all tasted yummy!


Is your mouth watering yet? We all gobbled these down right after I made them! Can I just say that I love my job? Don’t forget to sign up HERE!


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