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Painted Chiminea Planter


Have you embraced Radiant Orchid yet? I use a BRIGHT color palette all year round. This color is a pinkish-purple. It reminds me of the color, Rosa Mexicana. Juicy and vibrant!

radiant orchid
Here are some things I liked using Radiant Orchid!

As far as incorporating this color in my house, um, my kitchen has been this color for years. So I thought about taking Radiant Orchid outside to our front patio! We had an old chiminea gathering dust…


I remember when we bought it – we thought we’d all be hovered around it warming our hands on a cold Arizona winter’s night. But we forgot one little thing – the winter season lasts about as long as my favorite red glitter during the holidays. Blink and you miss it! So this poor thing has been crying and pouting in the corner. Patrick swooped it up and went to town transforming it into a beautiful planter!

To make this, you will need:

1 terra cotta chiminea

1 terra cotta saucer, about 15-20″ inches in diameter

1 jar of Radiant Orchid

Paint brushes, assorted other colors of paint

Waterproof sealer

Flowers and soil

base coating.jpg

Go ahead and paint the base and saucer with Radiant Orchid, let dry.


Use a pencil or chalk to sketch the outlines for your detail work. Take it one section at a time. If you don’t feel confident, use tracing paper! Add vines of leaves, and a little hummingbird. Search online for reference photos.


I know, Patrick makes it look so easy!


Don’t forget to add detail around the edges too!


Once you’re done painting all the detail, add a two coats of waterproof sealer and let dry. Then fill the inside of the chiminea with soil, and add the flowers. Some of the flowers won’t last a long time, other will. If you want a longterm plant, go with succulents or cacti. You can even skip plants and add some chunky candles (use safety precautions)!


I love it!!!


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6 thoughts on “Painted Chiminea Planter”

  1. THIS is a must do project. Your colors and design are something I would like to duplicate. I definitely will do this project when I get back from the Crafty Chica Cruise. I know how many I want to do and where in the garden I will place them. Keep it coming Crafty Chica!! Gracias por compartir tus ideas con nosotros. Continued success!!!!

  2. Just realized Patrick did the design on the chiminea. Your design is beautifully executed. Crafty Chico you are just as artistically talented as Crafty Chica. Crafty Chica has referred to you in several of her project descriptions. Thank you also for sharing your art ! What a beautiful chiminea you created. Worth every penny I’ll spend in “trying” to recreate the project.

  3. What a coincident that my husband has always wanted flowers that attract humming birds and he started planting them all around our backyard .He loves hummingbirds.He has worked on a visual he has of the way he wants the yard to look. He is a Vietnam vet with PTSD and want for this vision to happen for him.He has worked and worked on this and he just doesn’t have a green thumb.So we finally decided we need to budget for a lawn guy to help him.Any way 2 days ago he say his first hummingbird on one of his plants. He was so excited .Now I see your chiminea with a hummingbird on it.He needs to have that ! I will make my attempt to make it for him .I know he will love it.It has beautiful colors but I will have to show yours to him as he is colored blind and don’t know if he can see all the colors you have used .I hope he can cause I live it !! Thanks Kath you are an ANGEL!!!!

  4. Such a fun way to make use of an old chiminea – it looks fantastic! I really appreciate your sharing your creativity with us. I love how you decided to put the saucer on top. Fun!

  5. Thank you for sharing! We were given a Chiminea from a neighbor that needed a little repair and I love the bird bath ideal on the top. Although, my husband and I are not painters, so it wont look as nice, but we are repainting a different color and adding the bird bath on the top. We also live in Arizona as well and no you don’t get many “winter” nights here in Southern Arizona.


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