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Coca-Cola Mini-Floats


CraftyChica.com was invited to participate in #MomentosCoke as part of Coca-Cola’s celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. All opinions expressed are my own!

These Coca-Cola Mini-Floats are a little treat I whipped up for the family. Can you say muy tasty? We are four working adults under one roof – granted, my son just moved out into his first apartment, but he still comes by often to help and hang out – and every now and then I like to stop the machine and take a time out. That’s why I loved the theme of this MomentosCoke campaign – it’s all about sharing and savoring special moments with your familia. I’ll get to the recipe in just a bit…

Our family, enjoying our own special momentos. Si, we are all hams!!!!
Our family, enjoying our own special momentos. Si, we are all hams!!!!

Here is what #MomentosCoke is all about: Coca-Cola has launched it as part of Hispanic Heritage Month. As a way to celebrate culture, they hope that this campaign will motivate families to celebrate their roots and teach kids about their heritage. There is the www.MomentosCoke.com site where you can upload pictures of your family and share your story. If you use the #MomentosCoke hashtag, your pictures will feed into the stream. The result is a collage of photos that reflect the very broad spectrum of Latino culture.

Another aspect of the campaign is Coca-Cola is offering the opportunity for people to make the journey back to their roots…together! Patrick and I are third-generation Mexican-American and DeAngelo and Maya are fourth. We’ve already been to tourist places in Mexico, but not to our family’s roots. My dad’s side of the family came from Zacatecas, I would love to visit there some day! Imagine tracing your own family’s roots and winning a trip to go there! That’s what #MomentosCoke is all about!

The sweepstakes is open for everyone (see official rules) and will award 27 second-place prizes of $500 Delta Airlines travel vouchers and NINE lucky families will win the grand prize travel experience: a $2,000 Delta Airlines voucher and a $1,000 gift card! To see how to enter, click  here: www.MomentosCoke.com

OK, let’s get on to the recipe. I know, there is a little bit of a road map with this one, lol!

*Clears throat* I’ve always had a special connection to Coca-Cola because when I first met Patrick, we both worked at the city of Phoenix traffic court. Every day he started off with a can of Coca Cola and a Snickers bar. Que healthy? No, but he was 21, so to him it was. After 24 years of married life, that’s a daily habit he broke, but I still come across a bottle on his work table every week (see proof below). These days he is all about the Mexican Coca-Cola. He says its sweeter and has a different flavor.

I swear, every time I see him drink it, my stomach flutters a little bit because it reminds me of way back when. Goofy, I know!

Patrick’s painting table, along with his Mexican Coca-Cola!


Let’s circle around to my recipe, finally! As a way to step away from the computers and work tables, I picked up a six-pack of mini Coca-Cola bottles (that I plan to turn into glitter shakers later) and a carton of Neapolitan ice cream.

I found some small mole sauce jars and made these shot-glass versions of Coca-Cola floats! I think they would be perfect for a happy hour party – small and powerful, just the right amount! My plan worked, as soon as the family saw what I whipped up, they flocked over! Sometimes the best family memories are simple moments like this. Some day both kids will be moved out and it will be just Patrick and me. And who knows? I might just have a Coke and a Snickers for breakfast!




Screen shot 2014-09-19 at 3.56.22 PM

Make sure to visit www.MomentosCoke.com to enter the sweepstakes!

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