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5 Awesome Toilet Paper Roll Crafts


I planned to make paper flowers and in my mind, they were going to be epic! Before I go there, I want to share what this Angel Soft campaign is all about. The #SinRolloSinSalida campaign is a lighthearted take on when the bath tissue runs out at the wrong time. Angel Soft now comes with 60% more tissue per roll, so hopefully you’ll never be caught in that situation! and if you are, and you survive, you can make crafts. lots and lots of crafts! Toilet paper roll crafts are way popular! To prove that, i’m going to share some of my favorites from around the web.

Back to my flower plan – it was a fail. I wanted to make a structural art piece, and add a pretty, uplifting quote. It didn’t turn out how I expected. Now that I do the reverse engineering in my brain, I should have made and painted the accents, then glued them to the backing. Live and learn!

My plan was for these to be painted bright and cheerful, but it never quite came together…

OK, I am all about solutions!

So here are five really clever project from around the web, you can make them from your empty Angel Soft bath tissue rolls!

1. Advent Calendar from Morning Creativity

Advent Calendar by MorningCreativity.com
Advent Calendar by MorningCreativity.com

2. Faux Metal Wall Art, by Suzy’s Sitcom


3. Gift Card Holder, by The Frugal Mom

gift card holder

4. Mini-Scrapbook Album, by Scrapbook-Crazy.com

Photo album by Scarpbook-crazy.com
Photo album by Scrapbook-crazy.com

5. Ring Holder Tray, by Blah to TaDa!

Ring tray made from toilet paper rolls by Blah-to-tada.blogspot.com!
Ring tray made from toilet paper rolls by Blah-to-tada.blogspot.com!

Sooo, did I make it up to you? Will you forgive me for my craft fail? It happens to the best of us, right? In them meantime, go get your Angel Soft so you can start making these cool projects!

Can I just say, next time you run out of TP, instead of freaking out, have faith that someone, some where will come to your rescue with a new roll, and the best part, you can use that time to think of new crafty ideas of what to do with the roll you just finished! But remember, if you have Angel Soft, it won’t happen as often because of all those extra sheets!

Scroll down to see the other cute Angel Soft videos, I promise you’ll get a chuckle! 



YouTube video

YouTube video

YouTube video


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