Fired Ceramic Tiles

Fired ceramic ornaments and tiles,
Fired ceramic ornaments and tiles,

Now that my Skutt kiln is up and running, I’ve been keeping it busy – firing both greenware and bisque! I even made a quick overview of the underglazing process on these fired ceramic tiles! Here is video so you can get a peek at my world these days! I also added pictures of finsihed pieces, gosh this isn’t even all of them. I’ll be selling these at the upcoming Dia de los Muertos fiestas here in Phoenix!


ceramics-chica-1 ceramics-chica2 ceramics-chica3 crafty-chica-ceramics

ceramics-chica4 crafty-chica-plates

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  1. I just started working at a clay studio & I love it! I love that I get to craft with this new medium. It’s really interesting to learn! I’ll be following your ceramic tutorials for sure. I love your work! Thanks for sharing these 🙂


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