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DIY Tailgate Bench


Creativity sure runs in the family! Patrick’s Uncle Manuel made this tailgate bench from scratch. It started when his son-in-law, Ron, gave him a vintage Chevy tailgate and let Manuel work his magic. I fell in love with this piece when Ron posted it on Facebook, and I called Uncle Manuel for permission to share it here and to share some tips.

“I wanted to make the wood match the aged tailgate, so I sanded it all down to look old,” he said.

He found scrap wood and pieced it together to make a one-of-a kind personality bench! I wish I could say I had a complete set of directions, but Patrick’s Uncle Manuel is an artist, he just figures out how he wants it to look, then measures and cuts the wood and puts it all together. Easy, peasey, right? Couldn’t you see this on a show on HGTV? It looks so cool!

And while we’re at it, check out Ron’s 1950 Fleetline that was the Bomb Squad C.C. “PICK” at the LowView magazine release party that happened on Saturday!


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  1. Wow, this is awesome and so is that car! I would love to have that bench on my front porch, but I’d be afraid someone would walk off with it, it’s TOO COOL!


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